Stacey Jones from Canada:
“It was star-planet-magic. I really didn’t know what to expect and was pretty nervous finally meeting my favorite pro surfer since 2001 (I still have the magazine from 2001 with an epic photo of Holly on the cover of Surfing Girl, tell me if that is not the raddest picture of a girl surfing– ever!!!) So after a year of trying to sort out dates, and much anticipation to meet Holly, the opportunity finally came. I was very happy to join what might go down in Suave Dulce’s history as the coolest group of chicas to rock Nica’s coastline ever! It was pretty neat to see so many like-minded ladies coming together. All in all, the very best part was hanging with everyone and that was not what I was expecting! (well and the volcano boarding, horseback riding, surfing and YOGA! whew, we did a lot in one week)!!!

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