Nicaragua is my favorite place on the planet, and the safest country in Central America (yes, it’s safer than Costa Rica!) With warm water, uncrowded surf, friendly locals, and located a relatively short flight away from the US, it’s the perfect place for a week-long escape. There are great waves to learn to stand up on a surfboard for the first time or get the barrel of your dreams.

Escape reality for a week of unforgettable adventure!

It all starts with surfing.
Whether you are ready to catch your very first wave, become more confident in the water, transition to riding a shortboard, or improve your existing skills while making new surfing friends, we will help you achieve your goals. There are great waves for beginners, advanced beginners, intermediate, and experienced surfers all within walking distance. Getting you into the best waves is our top priority. If you are willing to think positively, push yourself, and listen to feedback you will leave the retreat a better surfer.

After surfing we’ll do yoga.
Yoga is so good for your body and mind. After a morning at the beach and an awesome meal (second breakfast!), we’ll head up to the elevated ocean-view yoga studio. Yoga is a great way for surfers to work on core strength, flexibility, balance, and breathing. The yoga sessions will vary between strength building and restorative yoga. The instructor will provide modifications of poses so that every yogi will feel supported and challenged.

Afternoon Adventures
If the wind cooperates and the waves are good in the afternoon, we’ll head back to the beach for a second surf session. Otherwise we’ll set off on an adventure. We’ll hop on horseback and gallop down the beach, take a day-trip to the colonial city of Leon and hike up, then board down an active volcano, get dressed up and indulge in incredible French food at a hilltop restaurant with a 360 degree view.

The Difference
The difference between Surf with Amigas and other women’s surf and yoga retreats is attitude and experience. Unlike other places where the instructors are barely intermediate surfers themselves, when you stay with us you will be coached and supported by Holly Beck, a professional surfer with a keen eye for how to help you specifically improve. We video every session and go over the footage so that you can see what you’re doing right and what little changes might help you really improve.

We also create a culture of support. The other girls will become your new surfing sisters, yelling and cheering and clapping and dancing in celebration of your awesome rides. You just don’t get that anywhere else.

We have two Nicaragua locations available, however our primary location (home of 75% of our retreats) is in Northern Nicaragua.
$1,800 all inclusive package includes ($1,700 early bird special if booked 3 months in advance):
– two-way shared airport transfer (if you get a flight that arrives on the first date of the retreat between 11am and 2:20pm and departs on the last day after noon.)
– 7 nights accommodation in a shared cabana
– 4 deliciously healthy meals per day
– all beverages (juices, sodas, beer, rum)
– daily surf lessons with professional surfer Holly Beck and team plus video analysis of every session
– all afternoon activities such as yoga, horseback riding, volcano boarding, estuary cruising, and other surprises
– professional video footage of you riding the best wave of your life

Typical Daily Schedule looks like this:
6:30am wake up for buffet breakfast of coffee, juice, cereal, toast, yogurt, fruit
7:30am – 11am surfing, surfing, surfing!
11:30am delicious lunch
2pm yoga
4pm second surf session or other adventure
7pm dinner with new friends

See the Schedule Link for available dates

A 50% deposit secures your spot. Contact for booking info or other questions

Cancellation Policy:
-If you cancel your trip more than 3 months out for any reason, your deposit will be refunded 100%.
-If you cancel more than 2 months out for any reason, your deposit can be transferred to a later retreat.
-The balance for the retreat is due 1 month prior to the start of the retreat. If you cancel within a month, we cannot refund or transfer your payment unless we are able to fill your spot either with a friend that you send us or someone on the waiting list. If you have offered to pay the balance in cash on arrival but cancel within a month, the full payment is still due.

Since last minute injuries, illnesses, work emergencies, or deaths in the family unfortunately do happen, we HIGHLY recommend travel insurance.

I found this website which gives an overview of travel insurance needs and companies with an option to review quotes from different companies. You have the option to purchase travel medical insurance in the case of getting injured while on the trip – which I think is probably not necessary if you have health insurance at home. The part that I think is really important is the Trip Cancellation Coverage

You may also just click the add on travel insurance policy that most airlines offer when you buy your ticket.

Travel Info

– Fly into Managua International Airport (MGA)
– Taca (via El Salvador), American Airlines (via Miami), Delta (via Atlanta), and Continental (via Houston) all have reasonable schedules, but Continental occasionally does not allow surfboards so if you plan to bring your own, check to make sure you are allowed.
– To take advantage of the free airport shuttle included in your package, look for flights that arrive into Managua between 11:15am and 2:20pm on the day your retreat starts. Depart on the last day of your retreat anytime after noon. If you can’t find a flight that works with this schedule we can arrange a private taxi for you for an extra $80. If you need to fly in late at night, you may consider arriving the night before your retreat starts, grabbing a hotel near the airport (there’s a Best Western directly across the street) and meeting up with our shuttle in the morning. If you need to depart super early on the way home (there are flights that leave around 7am), that is possible. You’ll just need to pay for your own private taxi but we will organize it.

– Nicaragua charges a $10 tourist tax that is collected at the airport when you land. They only accept cash so it’s convenient to have a $10 bill on hand when you arrive.

– No vaccinations are needed to travel to Nicaragua. Malaria is not a problem on the Pacific Coast, but protecting yourself from mosquitoes is always a good idea.

– You and the other girls will be met at the airport by our driver holding a “Surf with Amigas” sign.  We schedule the shuttle to leave the airport around 2pm so try to time your flight to get in between 11am-1pm so you don’t have to wait too long.  You can get something to eat at the airport.

– Health insurance coverage is mandatory.  We recommend travel insurance that covers changes to travel plans, cancellations, lost baggage and supplementary health coverage.  The one we use is Travel Guard (click the button below to sign up)…
Travel Guard Insurance

Packing List:
We have some of these items for sale in our Suitcase Boutique. Why order online when you can pick out and try on here at the beach? You can browse the bikinis, rashguards, boardshorts, and awesome sunscreen for surfing in our store tab,or by contacting Jackie –
Things to bring:

  • Sun protection: hat, long-sleeve rashguard, long boardshorts, lots of sunscreen
  • Bikini that will stay on while surfing (it’s no fun to have to be worried about pulling up your bottoms every time you stand up!)
  • Comfortable sandals
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Water bottle: there is a cooler of drinking water available to refill your bottle
  • Sturdy closed-toe shoes (tennis shoes, running shoes, hiking boots, etc.) long socks (knee-length is ideal), and a bandana for volcano boarding
  • Beach towel or sarong : It’s not cold and most people end up drip drying so you don’t really need a thick towel. You just might want something to sit on at the beach and not get sandy. A lightweight sarong is great for sitting, using as a bikini coverup, etc.
  • A pair of jeans for horseback riding (optional – full horseback riding outfit. I had one lady show up with her own pair of chaps, which I thought was awesome!)
  • Yoga mat (there are plenty available for use, but if you have your own and can fit it in your bag or carry it on you might want to bring it)
  • Yoga wear
  • One cute outfit (sundress, skirt, nicer top etc.) for a fun gourmet dinner at a French restaurant
  • Your favorite snack food. All meals are included and you will not go hungry but if you’re addicted to chocolate, or like to snack on trail mix, cliff bars, etc., bring those things with you!
  • Mosquito repellent and/or lightweight long sleeve shirt/pants for dinner time. In the dry season (Nov – April) there are very few mosquitoes, but if you’re the type to get bitten if there’s a mozzie within range, you want to come prepared. May – July has a few more bugs than earlier in the year but don’t worry, there are mosquito nets available if you would like one. Regardless of the season, I don’t like coating myself in chemicals so I wear long sleeves and pants to dinner.
  • Lightweight waterproof rain jacket (May – July retreats only). The rainy season doesn’t really get serious ’til later July but there can be afternoon showers starting in May. The clouds gather, put on a lightening display and cool everything off, often times the wind switches offshore too!
  • USB hard drive or memory stick with more than 2GB available! We will get a bunch of video clips of you surfing. A little thumb drive is fine but the bigger size the better for getting video clips. I have a Mac so if your external hard drive is only compatible with a PC, bring a thumb drive too.
  • An adventurous spirit!
  • After you’ve packed all of the above if there is still room in your bag, fill it with donations for the local community. Clear out your closets of old shoes, clothes, kids toys, etc. Baseball equipment (gloves, balls, etc.) Things like band-aids, and other medical supplies, coloring books, and school supplies can also really be used down there. There are several different non-profits working in the area and you will have an opportunity to give out donations so bring them if you have them!
  • Other optional items –

– good books, recent surf magazines, copies of recent New Yorker magazines. No libraries here. If you just finished something you loved, bring it down and add to our library! Seriously, I end up reading the worst books out of a lack of options. If you read something great, please help me out!

Things you don’t need:

  • Blow dyer
  • Makeup
  • Computer (you can bring it if you want to make it easy to share photos between friends, but it’s not necessary)
  • Voltage converter (the plugs are the same as the US)

A perfect beginner’s wave

Lindsay McDonald from Halifax Canada on the wave of her trip!


Gourmet dining