FAQ Answered by an Amiga

These questions were answered by a former Amiga giving advice to a friend who was considering joining us.If you are an adventure seeker with an open mind you’re going to LOVE Surf With Amigas.

*things that surprised you
I don’t really want to spoil the amazing surprises ahead. Let’s just say you get a lot for your buck. You will be pleasantly surprised everyday. Remember you’re going to be at an eco friendly resort. I don’t want to spoil the surprises to be honest.

*things you wish you’d brought
Something to donate to the local community (books, pens, pencils, clothes, literally anything as they’re in need).

*anything you wish you’d done differently
Nothing at all. Remember to keep an open mind.

*any other helpful tips
Bring a head lamp. A good attitude. An open mind. Be ready to experience new experiences. Know that you will learn how to surf. I promise you that you will be standing up on a wave on your first day so don’t sweat it.

*if you were traveling alone, how the group dynamic was (I’m not too worried about this)
To be honest I think going alone is the best thing you can do the first and/or second time around. It allows you to fully experience your surroundings and be aware of your individuality within the environment in which you are in. You’ll have a group of people from around the world that have the coolest backgrounds and stories. I think meeting a new group of women that are doing the same thing that you are out to do is really rad. Everyone has a story and it’s cool to be able to listen, learn, and make new friends!

*how’s the food?
Pardon my french, f*ing amazing. They feed you 4-5 x a day. You’re never “hungry”. It’s seriously so good. I crave it all the time.

*I’ve never really surfed but am somewhat into open water swimming. Did most people on your trip know how to surf?
I would say it depends on the group of girls that are going, but most people are there to either learn how to surf or better their surf. They do an amazing job teaching both catogories. There’s a lot of beginners.

*would you describe it as more relaxing or tiring?
I would describe it as relaxing. If it was ever tiring it was the type of tired that is a good relaxed tired from the amazing yoga sessions to the surf sessions. Remember you don’t have to participate in all the activities. That’s whats also cool about this retreat. You make it how you want it to be.

*if there is free time, is there anything special you liked to do?
Learn more about the local community. Get to know people. Take in every day there the best I can. You will have some free time. Bring a great book. It’s a great place to read, mediate, chill, and enjoy every moment of it. Grab a beer and watch every sunset with yourself or with your new amigas!

I promise you’ll have a great time. It’s really amazing. I’m looking forward to hearing the answers to your own questions when you return. I wish I could go back tomorrow. Have fun! Let go! Don’t have any expectations. Those make the best trips!

Cheers & safe travels,
Your Amiga