Always Pull Into the Tube – A message from 3 young girls (and SWA)

I’ve watched this family of three young girls grow up learning to surf in Nicaragua. They are so inspiring, funny, and they charge! To get in the mood for our upcoming advanced Tube Riding Clinic beginning next Saturday, here’s a message from the three young girls….. “Always Pull Into the Tube!!!!” Enjoy…

The Resano sisters — 15-year-old Valentina (Valen), 13-year-old Candelaria (Cande) and 10-year-old Maxima grew up in the wave-rich zone around Popoyo in southern Nicaragua. Their father Manny, an Argentinian big-wave charger, had them surfing from very early ages, and now, in addition to traveling around the world and doing regular contests, the three are becoming known as some of the best younger big-wave girl surfers in the world. (Valen received an alternate invite for the Red Bull Queen of the Bay, to be held at Waimea Bay if it breaks — which could be next week.)

That said, they’re still kids. And sometimes, left to their own devices, kids can get kinda whacky and creative and funny, which is exactly what the video above is. “This past south swell season, we decided not to do that many surf contests and spend more time in quality waves,” said dad Manny. “I don’t know if that’s the right decision for a competitor, but you can be sure that I was stoked about it. We traveled to many places in Nicaragua, places where people don’t surf, it was a great experience.”

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