Dancing and Shredding in El Salvador

Introducing a new dance move called “the pelican swat” in between super fun waves at Sunzal, the girls from Amigas Surf and Yoga Retreats are always having a good time!

The “pelican swat” dance move originated when Holly was teasing Nadia about her tendency to arm flail. Holly happens to have unusually long arms (the better to carry your longboard for you!) and suggested that if she flailed like Nadia she’d end up swatting pelicans left and right. And just like that, a new dance move was born!

We’re doing retreats at this location in October! Come play! See the Schedule for details!

Secret Lefts and Waterfalls in El Salvador

Normally, we do retreats in Eastern El Salvador at a spot called Las Flores. This time, we followed a tip to a location in Western El Sal that turned out to be a lot less crowded and super interesting. We dubbed it an adventure and exploration retreat, and that it was!

We were pretty bummed when we saw the forecasted big swell since the spot we were staying liked smaller swells, until we heard a rumor about a secret left that could handle big swells. It turned out to be amazing!

After surfing, we cruised up to the cloud forest and showered in a waterfall. Check it out!

We’re headed back to this part of El Salvador in October. Email hollybeck27@gmail.com for more info!