December Retreat Highlights

Surf With Amigas surf and yoga retreats for women finished off the 2015 season with an awesome week of very athletic Amigas. The surf conditions were favorable and we had what we’re calling the most athletic group of Amigas on one retreat ever. There was tons of shredding and lots of improvement.

Central Nica Retreat Highlights

On our very first retreat in Central Nicaragua we might have had the most shredding group of Amigas ever. We scored amazing waves right out front of the retreat, explored the tide pools, and went zip lining. There was a particularly big swell this week and the Amigas were charging with the help of the instructors and each other. There was tons of cheering and lots of support every time someone got a great ride or had to do too many turtle rolls. It was an awesome week and we’re excited to go back!

Late July Retreat in North Nica


On our very last retreat of the Summer season in Northern Nicaragua we got super lucky with good swell, great conditions and a more shredding than usual crew of ladies. We even had a shortboard ripper from NorCal who showed up and inspired the beginners to go harder! It was a crazy fun week!
amigas going out good right

South Nica Highlights

Every year we love heading down South for a little guaranteed all-day offshore froth mission. This year we had a super shredder in Christina who may have scored the biggest wave by an amiga ever! What do you think? Ever seen an Amiga go bigger in one of our videos??? Let us know in the comments!