CoEd Advanced Retreat in Costa Rica Highlights

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Coed Advanced Retreat in Costa Rica

Our first Co-Ed Advanced retreat in Costa Rica was amazing. All the guests improved their surfing after 1:1 surf video coaching and in water encouragement. We got nice medium sized waves most of the week and surfed a variety of spots including right out front, a super long rippable left point break and even took a boat trip to the other side of the gulf for some longboard action.

Classroom surf theory sessions

In between surf sessions there were surf theory classroom sessions. One session covered aspects of style and all the participants were encouraged to try a soul arch. You can see that those soul arches were nailed! Other classroom topics included learning about the differences between surfboards (fins, rails, bottom contours, materials), how to read a surf forecast, how to get more waves in a crowded lineup, and the essence of style.

Join us on our next advanced retreat

Join us in Costa Rica to take your surfing to the next level! Any of our Costa Rican retreats are good for advanced surfers but if you want to attend a week of only more experienced surfers where we will be doing classroom surf theory sessions daily, then an advanced retreat is a great choice. See the schedule for our next advanced retreats in Costa Rica here!

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