“Cute wave” and other taglines from a surf trip with 20 frothing women

We had an Amiga join us on a retreat a few months ago who is already an experienced surfer but was looking for a “girl’s trip” surf getaway. She wrote a review on her blog which you can read here:

Cute Wave and Other Tag Lines from a Surf Trip with 20 Frothing Women

Here’s a preview, but check out the link above for the full review! It’s a fun read:

Review of Surf with Amigas, Women’s Surf and Yoga Retreats held in Nicaragua and Costa Rica

One recent evening after weeks without swell at our local break and a couple of glasses of wine, I jumped on the internet to research surf spots in Nicaragua and came across a review of Surf With Amigas , a women’s surf coaching retreat founded by retired professional surfer Holly Beck. Fuelled by impulse and alcohol, I shot off an email to Holly asking if there were any available spots on an upcoming trip.  Waking sober the next morning to a reply from Holly, I realized I had somehow committed myself to a whole week of 24/7 female bonding with twenty women I had never met. After a bit more back and forth with Holly about my surfing ability, board sizes and objectives for the trip, I lay down my 50% deposit and booked a waxing appointment.

My husband and I have been on many surf trips where I was the only female surfer or there were only 2 or 3 of us. There is upside and downside to this arrangement but I have to say it had never occurred to me to attend a women’s only surf camp.  However, despite surfing for over 20 years, I classify myself as a competent but not confident surfer.  Big, hollow waves still cause brain freeze after all these years and the chance to improve my technique and confidence in fun uncrowded waves where I didn’t have to hassle with a bunch of guys was appealing….

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