Advanced Shortboard Retreat Review by Katarina

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A trio of girlfriends from San Diego joined us on our advanced shortboard retreat this year. One of them, Katarina – a badass mom of two who was charging into some bombs over shallow reef during the retreat – shared a quick summary of her experience. 

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Advanced Shortboard Retreat with Friends

It was awesome to go on a trip with your girlfriends and truly be able to surf at every opportunity. We got advice from every angle and I was able to progress further in one trip than all the rest of my surf travels combined. It was truly better than my expectations!

I have two kids and have to juggle my time in the water. Knowing I didn’t need to do the search for the right time, tide, location, my mind was free to just surf! I just needed to show up! How often do we get to do just that day in and day out?!

katarina marlett, advanced shortboard retreat, surf with amigas
photo by @costaricasurfphotography
katarina marlett, advanced shortboard retreat, surf with amigas
photo by @costaricasurfphotography

Each session was recorded and analyzed for improvement, each day better than the next. I went home feeling satisfied but also wanting more! More belly laughs, sunsets, yoga, non-stop surf challenge and delight! Any advanced amigas that want to excel their surfing and raise it to that next level, this is your chance! I’ll be back for more!

katarina marlett, advanced shortboard retreat, surf with amigas, costa rica, surf yoga retreat, women
photo by @costaricasurfphotography

surf with amigas, costa rica, advanced shortboard retreat


As you can see, Katarina was charging all week. She consistently sat deeper, waited for the good ones, and when the wave came, she went! We were so stoked to meet and surf with her.

If you’re inspired to join us, our Advanced Shortboard Retreats are open to ladies (and sometimes guys as well) who ride boards 7′ and under and already know how to duck dive. If that describes you, come down and fine tune your surfing skills with us on our next advanced retreat. Check our schedule for options!

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