Advanced Shortboard Tube Riding Clinic – North Nicaragua

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If you’re ready to work on your barrel riding skills or get your very first tube, then come and join us our annual shortboard-only advanced clinic.

So you’ve never been barreled before? Or maybe you have, but you have no idea how it happened or how to make it happen again. How do you learn how to get tubed? Go to a place where hollow waves are plentiful, team up with a crew of other supportive ladies to cheer you in, seek advice from people who know what they’re doing and can help point out what you’re doing wrong or how to do it better! We’re here to make that happen and we are super excited about it!

The Surf

We’ll be focusing our attention on a hollow beach break that was listed in SURFER Magazine as one of the best spots in the world to learn to get tubed. There is a long beach with more larger, more powerful waves on one end and slightly smaller less hollow waves on the other. We can find the best peak for the crew. If the waves aren’t great there, we’ll also be checking out other spots in the area for some variety or a change of pace. There’s an island left hander, a river mouth, a mellower more playful beach break, and a left reef break all located within a short boat ride or drive. Lots of options!

Our goal will be to help you develop the skills needed to get your first tube ride. We’ll be getting up early and paddling out at sunrise, then coming in for breakfast, and paddling out again! If the tide and wind are good, we’ll surf four or five hours per day. This retreat is about surfing our brains out!

For 2023, we’ll be hosting this retreat Oct 21- OCT 28 and Nov 4 – 11.

The last week of October/first of November is the transition season from rainy to dry. In Northern Nicaragua, that means we may still see some showers, but are also likely to get good offshore winds. Of course we cannot perfectly predict what the conditions will be like (if only we had that power!), but early November is typically graced with good winds, and nice small to medium-sized swells, which is exactly what we want for this location.


We’ll be staying at hotel overlooking the beach right in front of the hollow beach break. We’ll be watching the surf in between sessions from the surf-view yoga studio so we can be on it whenever it’s good! There’s high speed wifi, a large swimming pool, and big grass area including a bocce ball court.

The resort has 7 comfortable air conditioned rooms with private ensuite bathrooms, that sleep 2-3 guests but can also be reserved privately for an extra cost.


This week is all about the surf and learning to improve your technique to surf better. We will try to surf as much as possible depending on the conditions. To stretch everything out and ease tired paddling muscles, we will be doing daily yoga sessions in the gorgeous surf-view yoga studio. We’ll be doing surf theory classroom sessions in the evenings. There may be an opportunity for other activities like horseback riding or a boat estuary tour/wake surfing afternoon.


This retreat is open to short boarders only (under 7′) and we HIGHLY recommend you bring your own board. We do have some shortboards available for use, but email to find out dimensions. If you would like to use one of our boards we will ask for a rental fee of $100 for the week with a $200 refundable deposit for damage. If we surf a more mellow beach break down the way, you are welcome to use one of our fishes or longboards at no extra cost.


Get coached by our advanced surf coaching team led by Holly Beck. Other surf instructors TBD (email with questions). Yoga led by Reesie Richards.

Advanced Shortboard Tube Riding Clinic Details

$2500 per person for AC room with private bathroom shared by 2-3 guests

Private room upgrades available

What’s Included

  • 2 way airport transfer between Managua International Airport (MGA) and the resort (provided you arrive and depart within our recommended windows).
  • All meals, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages consumed at the resort or in our cooler during surf missions/activities
  • High quality individualized coaching both in water and during video review sessions
  • Surf Theory Classroom sessions by Holly Beck
  • Boat trips to surf other spots if conditions warrant
  • Other activities TBD
  • Daily yoga sessions
  • All your video footage from the week.

Optional extras (cash)

  • Massage
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips to staff