Update on Borders and When We’ll Start Running Retreats Again

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We are really missing early morning coffee chats while quickly applying sunscreen for a dawn patrol surf session, second breakfast stories of the awesome rides and hilarious wipeouts, video analysis of everything that went right and how to improve, delicious healthy lunches catering to any dietary preferences, afternoon paddle outs with supportive new friends, waterfall hikes, horseback beach gallops, chocolate workshops, meditative relaxing yin yoga sessions, cocktail hour laughs and impromptu dance parties, sunset appreciation, and chatter-filled dinners looking forward to the next day of adventure.

It’s been five months without a retreat and we are eager to get back into the swing of things. We have been monitoring borders closely and wanted to send out a hopeful update to those of you on our credit list and everyone in desperate need of a warm water vacation!

Costa Rica – The good news is that Costa Rica has started welcoming back foreign tourists. There is a list of 32 countries from which tourists can currently enter legally, provided they produce a negative COVID PCR test result from within 72 hours of travel and buy a specific travel insurance to cover any potential medical fees and extended hotel stay. The exact requirement for this insurance has been changing and we will update guests on what needs to be covered and some options on where to buy it as we get closer to November. So far, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and much of Europe are on this list, but the US is not.

However, we just received an update that as of October 1, Americans from certain states will be able to travel directly to Costa Rica – California, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Ohio, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia)! Visitors can arrive via a flight with a layover in a non-authorized location. For instance, a Colorado resident could fly from Denver to Houston to Costa Rica, as long as she doesn’t leave the airport in Texas. You must show your driver’s license from one of these states as proof of your residency there. For information on exactly what is required to enter (Covid test, medical form and insurance, click here: Entry Requirements)

More states will be added over the coming weeks. If you do not have a driver’s license from one of these, we expect (hope) that by November entry will be open to all states. To go from no international tourists before Aug 1, to now opening to at least some Americans a month later, and many more states by October 1, we see it is a positive sign that the opening will continue and be complete by November. For more information click here: Tico Times ArticleWe are hoping to host our first retreat in Costa Rica the week of Oct 10-17 at the Longboard Surf House and do still have a few spots available!

Nicaragua – The borders were never officially closed, but the airport did stop operating which was an effective closure since there was no way to fly in. As of now the airport is open and tourists are welcomed as long as they provide a negative COVID test result, but the government is making it very difficult for commercial airlines to operate due to very restrictive rules. As a result, there are not many commercial airlines flying. Avianca began flying in mid September and more airlines are planning to begin flying in October. If you are signed up or looking at a retreat, do not be fooled by available tickets on an online search. Message us for the current updates on which airlines are actually flying! We will host our first retreat Nov 21-28 at our Eco lodge location!

Panama – There is also an absence of information regarding the planned border opening for Panama. Right now only citizens and residents are allowed to enter. The border closure to tourists was just extended at least until October 12.  We are watching closely and will keep you updated once we know of a firm date for reopening and what the rules will look like.



Morocco – We had scheduled to host our first fall retreats in Morocco in October. Based on discussions with our partners there on the status of the borders and tourism restrictions, we have decided to postpone those retreats for a full year. We have yet to finalize the exact dates, but they will likely be the first two weeks of October 2021.


Indonesia – We are still on a “wait and see” pattern here. We have up to two years to use our credit with the resort and are aiming to schedule retreats sometime between May and July 2021. We will be working to choose dates over the next couple months and will let you know asap.





In the meantime, thank you all for your patience and support. We are working on some fun things to be able to connect to our Amigas. Let us know if you have any questions and stay healthy!

Five Reasons We Love Panama….

  1. SURF SURF SURF. Waves for everyone, from shredders to beginners!11140299_1039606326072694_4218960197440413527_n  11742880_1044163132283680_6834461092484251622_n11141260_1039602312739762_3634444009861597299_n11666112_1039607579405902_3945687764087765415_n 1896760_1039602226073104_1791032096818954042_n 11206973_1044163545616972_4530298296072840664_n11745444_1044163785616948_650632727323945078_n11745612_1044162892283704_2993087332710596650_n
  2. We will stay at a little surf camp right on the beach, in front of the wave, where we can FROTH ALL DAY!!8310701_orig guanico 4796506_origguanico at night
  3. Yoga with Carly!

4. The other activities are awesome: horses, out to dinner, kayaking, waterfall adventures.11262083_1039601839406476_340150922672244486_nc40240965a7cd9261108ec91d65d76fbG0527630_1429195020580_high11403097_1039601996073127_9146438986548086690_n (1)5. Panama City makes a great stopover before and/or after the trip. If you haven’t been,  you’ll love the colonial streets, artsy vibes, and rooftop lounges.Panama-Casco-Viejo-Colonial-Architecture-Panama-City Casco-Viejo-23talk-panama-slide-05XZ-jumbo

We still have some spots available and we want YOU to join us. Its going to be epic.


Email surfwithamigas@gmail.com if you’re interested.

Panama 2016 is Happening!

Join us this April 16-23 or April 23-30 for a week of surf, yoga, and adventures in Panama!


We met an awesome Amiga from Panama on a retreat in El Salvador last year and she clued us in on a hidden gem in Southern Panama. We visited her spot with two groups of Amigas last year, and loved it so much, we’ve decided to go back this April!

1908114_10204836085844532_5194135770365211559_n 11694787_10204836086524549_8154129063553484253_n

With the explorations of last year, we found a new location- a different hotel, right on the beach we liked surfing the best. The surf spot is right out in front of the resort. Wake up with coffee, watch the waves all day, and surf your brains out!

guanico at night





The wave out front is good for all levels, from advanced beginners to super shredders. There are peaks up and down the beach (the waves get bigger and heavier at one end, and smaller and cuter at the other) and a few other spots within driving distance.

1896760_1039602226073104_1791032096818954042_n 11014962_1044163685616958_3509354367997803551_n 11745444_1044163785616948_650632727323945078_n 11141260_1039602312739762_3634444009861597299_n

What’s included:

  • Accommodations at beach front surf camp
  • Daily surf guidance, in water coaching and post-session video analysis.
  • Daily yoga classes to relax and inspire you
  • Surfboard rental
  • All delicious meals
  • 2 way transfer from Panama City
  • All the awesome adventures that you’ve come to expect from Surf With Amigas

11143562_10104109493598689_7660581579891582264_o11262083_1039601839406476_340150922672244486_n 11312929_1039602322739761_1720783538244474708_o11403097_1039601996073127_9146438986548086690_n (1) c40240965a7cd9261108ec91d65d76fb

Check out this video of the Amigas in Panama last year:

Check our the page here!