Why Choose Surf With Amigas


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There are a lot of retreats all over the world specializing in surf and yoga for women. Why choose Surf With Amigas? We have awesome staff, amazing coaching, including video coaching, great locations, and we’re passionate about making your week with us the very best week of your life. Watch this video to hear what new Amigas and ladies on their 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th retreats have to say about why they keep coming back.


  1. What a good surfboard to start with if your only a beginner like me I was thinking of getting a fun board or a long board but idk which to choose from both of those.

    1. hi there,
      i recommend getting a longboard to start out with since the extra length and volume will be easier to paddle and more stable to stand on. but it’s really hard to say for sure without knowing your height and weight, exact surfing experience, and where you normally surf.
      : )

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