A place for adventurous women to support and inspire each other in surfing and in life.

Surf Coaching

Whether you are ready to catch your very first wave, become more confident in the water, transition to riding a shortboard, cross-step on a longboard, or get barreled, our surf coaching program and team of experienced lady instructors will help you achieve your goals. We welcome all ages, body types, and skill levels. Our priority is getting you into great waves, and giving you the tools to become a better surfer in an incredibly positive and supportive way. Our coaching program includes beach lessons, in-water one on one assistance, “classroom” sessions, and video coaching. We currently host retreats at a variety of locations including Northern and Southern Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.


Surfing and Yoga is the perfect combination to align your body and mind. We will practice yoga daily in an open-air studio overlooking the ocean or in the middle of a jungle. Yoga sessions are Yin restorative focused to stretch your tired paddling muscles and leave you feeling relaxed and inspired.  Our certified yoga instructors tailor each class to the special needs of surfers, and ensure practice is being executed in a proper manner.


At Surf with Amigas we are surfing addicts, but even we know that life and travel are not simply about catching waves. We’ll take you on crazy adventures that will push you out of your comfort zone and get your adrenaline pumping from galloping down the beach on horseback, exploring local cities, chocolate making lessons, epic beach bonfires, and more.


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