Co-ed and Family Friendly Retreats

Surf With Amigas started as an all-women’s experience and still is at it’s core. However, as we’ve grown older and in some cases started families, our business has changed too. We now offer several co-ed and family friendly retreats per year where Amigas can bring their husbands/boyfriends/brothers/best guy friends and/or kids to experience an adventure with Surf With Amigas.

Co-ed Retreats

Just like our normal retreat, but open to couples, solo guys, brother/sister, or co-ed friends. Couples will be assigned a private room. Co-ed friends and solo guys may share rooms depending on the situation. If you’re interested in a co-ed retreat and don’t see one on the schedule, send me an email with the month you’re hoping to travel and we’ll see if we can add one!

Family Retreats

Open to families with kids of all ages. These retreats are a bit different from a normal retreat. They will always be held at a location with a pool. We’ll have kid friendly snacks available all day. There are nannies on hand to watch the little ones, and fun “camp counselor” style staff to do art, play games, and entertain the older kids outside of planned activities, and to allow parents to surf and participate in yoga. Depending on the age, kids are invited to surf as well.