CoEd Advanced Surf Coaching Retreat in Costa Rica Highlight Video

surf with amigas, yuliya parra, Jon parra, coed surf yoga retreat, Costa Rica

Wildlife, epic surf, good people, and adventures! This is what Surf With Amigas is all about. Here’s the highlight video from a super fun co-ed retreat in April at our Southern Costa Rica location. The retreat featured four couples who came together to relax, unwind, and improve their surfing skills.
There’s no better way to improve than on-wave coaching – where one of our instructors rides a wave with you, offering suggestions in real time, often with GoPro in hand.

Family Retreat Art Class

family retreat, art class, de colores art studio, Costa Rica, surf with amigas, surf camp

family retreat, art class, Costa Rica

Family Retreat Art Class

The family retreats are so amazingly fun! Aside from the normal Surf With Amigas program, we have a few fun camp counselor-type instructors on hand to come up with activities to engage the kids so that parents can do yoga, go for a relaxing walk on the beach or just have a quiet moment to sip a glass of wine.

This week we had a great group of kids aged 2.5 – 14. We had a scavenger hunt, played hide and seek, and took them to the De Colores art studio for a private art class with our fabulous friend Hadas. The class involved first taking a walk on the beach to collect sticks and smooth stones that were then painted and decorated.

Enjoy the gorgeous photos from the experience taken by @courtneyblythephotography

Bring your family to join us on a future family retreat (click the link for info)!


Release Baby Sea Turtles in Nicaragua in November and December

sea turtle conservation, surf with amigas

sea turtle conservation, surf with amigas
Surf with Amigas has been sponsoring the Waves of Hope sea turtle conservation program since 2012. We just committed to another year doing our part to give back by supporting the program that buys baby sea turtle eggs from poachers turned conservationists to ensure there will be turtles in the lineup for years to come!

See below for the video we made way back in 2012 in our first year of the project. All the info is the same! If you’d like to participate in the release of baby turtles, join us in Nicaragua Nov 2-9, Nov 9-16, Nov 23-30, or Dec 7-14!

Supporting Local Children Through Art

giving back with local kids in Costa Rica

At Surf With Amigas, we are always looking for constructive ways to engage with the communities where we host retreats. Whether it’s funding sea turtle conservation, donating school books to indigenous children, giving scholarships for higher education, or encouraging women to participate in sports by sponsoring a local ladies kickball team, we feel good about giving back wherever we are.

In this case, we have become friends with an amazingly inspiring woman named Hadas, who owns a vegetarian cafe and surf view cabanas as her day job, and offers art classes to kids and adults to feed her passion for art. She runs an open art studio called De Colores in Pavones, Costa Rica. It is dedicated to promoting well being and deep healing through the creative process of art making. That’s a goal we can get behind! 

We are so happy to donate funds to support free art classes for local children to explore and express themselves through color, textures, and the allowance to get messy!

Here are a few photos from a recent class.

By supporting us, you are supporting her, and thereby supporting them. Thank you!