4 Ways to Prepare For Your Next Retreat: With The SWA Collective

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We are so incredibly stoked to finally introduce a long-time project, The Surf With Amigas Collective. The Collective is everything you love about Surf With Amigas retreats, made more accessible. With this new platform, we aim to create entertaining yet informative content and tutorials designed to empower and educate women, in surfing and in life. We’re also striving to highlight the personal stories and adventures of members within our surfing community, allowing us to connect more deeply and spread stoke while also showcasing the raw and real female surf experience.

Whether you’re just starting your surf journey, want to get in surf shape, or are ready to unleash your inner surf nerd and learn more, the Collective is a great place to start. Here are 5 sets of videos we recommend watching for those who are newer to surfing and looking to prep for their next surf trip or SWA retreat:

1. Being Kind to Yourself and Other Tips for First Timers

We know surfing is hard! That’s why here at the collective, we’re there for you every step of the way. Surfing, like life, is full of crests and troughs, ups and downs. It’s easy to put lots of pressure on ourselves to perform, especially when we only have one week of surf vacation time. Xiquiu has been a surf instructor at Surf With Amigas for years. This video is an excerpt from her beginner lesson where she talks about the best mindset to have when starting out in surfing, as well as a few other helpful tips to set you up for success.

surf with amigas retreats, collective

2. Foundations Popup

The popup is one of the most important aspects of having a successful ride down the line. Even if you feel confident with your popup, it’s always good to practice and keep your muscle memory engaged (especially if you aren’t surfing often!). In addition to watching this video, try filming your pop up and see if you can catch any quirks. Having a strong base of surfing skills is critical in helping create good habits and fuels the froth to keep progressing!

surf with amigas collective, online platform

3. Beginner Workout & 4 Best Stretches for Surfers

Like our head yoga instructor Reesie says, motion is lotion. You’re bound to be moving and grooving A LOT on your next surf trip, so let your body ease into it by incorporating these stretches and workouts into your routine! These stretches and workouts are made for surfers, by surfers, and so target key muscles that you’ll be using in the water.

4. Meet Your Instructors

Finally, just in case you haven’t yet experienced the epic bad-assery of our team first-hand, let us clue you in. We have an absolutely amazing team of surf instructors. They’re funny, knowledgeable, utterly rad women and we want you to get to know them! Learn about their personal surf journeys, struggles and life philosophies before starting your next retreat or online course. 

surf with amigas retreats, online platform