Surf Tips to Improve Your Take-Off

After any surfer learns how to take off and drop into green waves, the next logical skill to learn is how to surf down the line. But, as we all know, learning how to go down the line and surf on the open faces of your waves is not as easy as it sounds.

If you are dropping in, getting stuck behind in the white wash, and are unable to reach the open faces of your waves, this tutorial is for you!

The video below is an oldie but goodie. Former SWA instructor Britney runs through tons of helpful surf ¬†advice that will help you improve your take-off. The best part? The video includes real-life video examples for each surf tip that’s provided.


We hope this tutorial helps you rack up your number of epic down-the-line waves! As always, if you have more video tutorial requests, contact us here.

Why Choose Surf With Amigas


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There are a lot of retreats all over the world specializing in surf and yoga for women. Why choose Surf With Amigas? We have awesome staff, amazing coaching, including video coaching, great locations, and we’re passionate about making your week with us the very best week of your life. Watch this video to hear what new Amigas and ladies on their 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th retreats have to say about why they keep coming back.