South Sumatra, Indonesia Advanced Retreat

Indonesia Surf Retreat

What? Intermediate + Advanced Amigas are going to be sending it in Sumatra. This is a special 10 day retreat offering. Since we’re traveling so far, let’s settle in and stay a few extra days to really make the travel worthwhile.

Where? The Mandiri Beach Club. Fly into Jakarta, then fly to Bandar Lampung (TKG), and then there’s a 6 hour overland journey from there (we’ll organize that part)! As with our best and most remote SWA locations, it’s quite the journey to get there, but we promise it will be worth it. *Email for our detailed travel document.

Who? You! Both shortboard surfers who know how to duck-dive and advanced mid-length surfers who like to send it are welcome. The resort does not have boards available, so you’ll need to bring your own surf equipment.

Why? To challenge yourself in epic warm-water waves in a remote location with the full support of the SWA team.

When? 2025! March 20 – 30 and April 10 – 20

The Resort

The beachfront resort features five double villas, each with AC, private bathrooms, and two beds. We’ll fuel up on 4 meals a day and experience the delicious Indonesian cuisine made with fresh, local produce. The resort it situated directly in front of the beach with a gorgeous swimming pool, pool table, and a skatepark- there’s no shortage of fun things to do at the resort outside of the surf.

The Waves

The main spot right out front is a world class beach break with hollow lefts and rights. For those that want to work on tube-riding, this is the spot! There is a mellow right hand point break five minutes away. There is a super long left point break that is the most consistent wave in the area, great for intermediate surfers about 10 minutes away. We’ll most likely primarily hit those three spots, but there is a whole list of more spots accessible within driving distance so that no matter what the wind and swell are doing, we’ll have options!

We are going in what is typically considered the “off season” which means the waves won’t be as big (a good thing for the beach break!) and it also won’t be crowded. We will be in the tail end of the rainy season, but since El Nino is predicted, and Indonesia typically experiences less rain during an el Nino, the weather should be nice! The owner of the resort said this time of year is actually his favorite and we are super excited about the variety of waves on offer in the zone.


Sumatra Indonesia Surf and Yoga Retreat Details

2025: mar 20-30 & april 10-20

Price: $3000 for 10 days in shared room (for 2)

Email [email protected] with questions

What’s Included:

  • Two way transportation from Bandar Lampung airport (provided you arrive and depart on the designated days/times)
  • 10 nights accommodation in a shared room (2 guests per room) *no private upgrades available at this location
  • 4 deliciously healthy fresh meals per day (early morning cold breakfast, hot brunch, lunch, and dinner, plus dessert)
  • Unlimited coffee, tea, and water
  • Transportation to surf spots
  • Daily individualized in-water surf coaching/instruction/guiding
  • Daily one on one post- session video coaching with one of our instructors
  • Video footage from surf sessions
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Adventures (jungle river tubing, waterfall hike, island exploration, etc.)
  • A group of awesome new charging Amigas who may become your lifetime surfing friends!

Optional Extras:

  • Massages
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Soft drinks, specialty coffees, smoothies, etc.

Not Included:

  • Flights
  • Tips for staff
  • Surfboard rental

Book Flights

To book your flight, first fly into Jakarta from wherever you are coming from. Spend the night there if needed, then take the short flight to Bandar Lampung (TKG). From Bandar Lampung there’s a 6 hour overland journey to the resort that we will organize.