Online Surf Course – How to Nose Ride With Holly Beck

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In our downtime between being able to run retreats, Holly has been busy posting some online content in a classroom format. The newest creation is a clinic on How To Nose Ride. 


  • The mechanics of what makes nose riding possible.
  • What types of boards, fins, and waves are best for nose riding.
  • How to read waves to position yourself and your board to set up for nose riding.
  • Some tips for practicing on land to make it easier once you are in the water.

Nose riding is hard to do, but it’s a lot easier when you understand what you need to do to be successful. This class will help you choose the right board and fin setup, find the right wave, know what to look for on the wave, how to set up the wave so that you can start walking forward, and what to do when you’re up there!

I’ll also give you some useful tips for practicing on land that will help you out even more once you get into the water.

This class involves one 20 minute video about nose riding, a video about how to read waves, and then space for discussion, Q&A, and follow up videos based on the questions.

For more information or to sign up click here!

Amigas Surfing Awesome Waves in Costa Rica Pre-Lockdown

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Super long glassy lefts and rights, ladies of all levels getting the longest waves of their lives surfing with amigas in southern Costa Rica. This is one of the last retreats we ran in the beginning of March before COVID changed the world. We can’t wait to get back to this lifestyle! Be sure to stay tuned for the hilarious wipeout section!

We aren’t sure when we’ll be able to get back to running retreats, but as soon as we can we will let you all know! Thanks for your support.

Learn All About Surfboards and Fins

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In our downtime from retreats Holly has been offering some online surf learning courses. The newest one is all about surfboards and fins.

Here’s a quick intro to the course:

What you’ll learn

How a surfboard works :

The differences between various bottom contours, rail shapes, tail shapes, nose shapes, materials, construction methods, etc.

How fins work:

The differences between types and shapes of fins and what types of waves they are best suited for.

A survey of the history of how we got from ancient Hawaiians riding pieces of wood to the high performance surfboards and fins of today.

Plus practical information about how to choose the right board for you, how to shop for a surfboard intelligently, etc.

For more detailed information, click this link!

Thanks for your support!

Surf University 101 – Expand your Surf Knowledge in an Online Class with Holly

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I hope you live in a place where you are able to surf in these times. Whether or not you are lucky enough to be in that category, it’s a great time to expand your surf knowledge! Holly has recently hosted a series of online pop-up courses and is coming back with a three part course she’s calling “Surf University: 101”. Watch the teaser to get some highlights of what to expect and check out more info below.

Join the class to learn the following:

Surf etiquette : Many of you will know the very basics of surf etiquette (the surfer closest to the breaking part of the wave has priority), but there are a lot of grey areas and exceptions. I’ll cover all of those.  How to safely paddle back out after a wave at a crowded surf spot. I know many people worry about being in someone’s way, we will talk through some strategies to paddle back out with confidence. Some strategies and tips to catch more waves even if you live in a crowded surf zone.
How to read a surf forecast : Surf forecasts where the forecaster gives you a paragraph about what you can expect are rarely accurate or tuned to the type of surf you as an individual might want. I’ll explain how to read the buoy readings and make your own decision. We’ll cover what each number means, how to predict how big the waves will be at your spot based on the numbers, and get into the mechanics of why that is.
Three tips to overcoming fear in bigger waves : I’ll tell a few stories in which I thought I was going to die, and what I learned from each one.


Online Pop-Up Course Taught by Holly Beck

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We aren’t able to run retreats right now, so I’m trying something new by teaching an online class. This is the easiest topic I could think of to teach online that everyone can practice at home.

If you think you could use work on your popup, or are just looking for some educational entertainment in your confinement, check it out!

All the info on the class is below. Thanks for your support!