Surf Yoga Horses and Party Waves

Every Surf With Amigas retreat has it’s own vibe and itinerary, but in general a week with us involves tons of surfing, daily relaxing restorative yoga, super fun hiking adventures, galloping on the beach, and indulging in adult beverages (if you’re into that). There’s nothing like the camaraderie of an all women’s retreat. Come play with us!

Private Co-ed Retreat in Southern Costa Rica

Sometimes we have a group of friends who book an entire retreat just for themselves. This was one of those weeks. We had a couple of guys who’d surfed before and a group of their friends who were all surfing for the very first time. In cases like that we break up the group by ability level and send the more experienced surfers to the more advanced breaks and take the beginners to the super easy waves. We’ll meet up all together for some longboard froth outs and awesome activities. Send us a message if you’d like to bring your crew down for a private week!

Longboarding, Yoga, and Jungle Adventures with Surf With Amigas

Check out our highlight video from a retreat the week of June 22-29 2019 in southern Costa Rica. Our staff surf instructors demonstrate some gorgeous longboarding and ladies of all ages learn to surf and improve their skills in some super friendly long left point breaks. Delicious food, jungle adventures, and relaxing yoga complement a fun-filled week of surfing. Stay tuned for the guests’ thoughts at the end of the film!

CoEd Advanced Surf Coaching Retreat in Costa Rica Highlight Video

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Wildlife, epic surf, good people, and adventures! This is what Surf With Amigas is all about. Here’s the highlight video from a super fun co-ed retreat in April at our Southern Costa Rica location. The retreat featured four couples who came together to relax, unwind, and improve their surfing skills.
There’s no better way to improve than on-wave coaching – where one of our instructors rides a wave with you, offering suggestions in real time, often with GoPro in hand.