Family Surf Retreat Boat Trip Test Run

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Family Surf Retreat

Now that I have kids, and my 3.5 year old has started surfing, I’m getting really excited about hosting more family surf retreats. There’s nothing more fun than sharing the love of surfing with family. Seeing your little one’s eyes light up and that full face smile as they ride a wave alongside you is every bit as fulfilling as getting an amazing wave yourself – or so I’ve come to believe.

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Surfing Past Age 50 – Eden’s Story

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Eden is an Amiga in her 50s who recently joined us on her second retreat in Costa Rica. She has been surfing for 30 years and is so graceful in and out of the water. We asked her to talk about her experience surfing as a woman in later life and if she had any advice for other ladies her age. She said, “just do it, go surfing!” Great advice.

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A Couple Take A Surf Trip Without Their Kids to Rekindle Their Love

A couple’s getaway

Amber and Shane Yoder currently live on boat in Florida with their two young girls. Amber first joined us on a retreat several years ago in Costa Rica and has been back a few times to Nicaragua. She even brought Shane and the kids on one of our family retreats two years ago. For this trip to Costa Rica in May, they left the kids with grandma and escaped for a week of surf for just the two of them. They joined us on one of our advanced short and longboard retreats, looking to be guided to awesome surf spots, have their surfing critiqued so that they could improve, eat delicious food, do yoga, but also just get a chance to surf their brains out without worrying about the kids!

“Kids take all your energy and sometimes you forget who you are as a person, she said. It was so good for us to take a surf trip and reconnect with how we fell in love in the first place, through surfing!”

Raise your arms if you feel that one busy mamas! Wouldn’t a surf trip your man be pretty awesome right about now? It’s hard to leave the kids behind, but so good to recharge that energy and focus on you for once!

Couples Surf Retreat

If you are lucky enough to have a surfing partner and want to get away on a surf trip for just the two of you, leaving the babies (human or fur babies) at home, we do have two couple friendly retreats happening in the fall – Nov 24-Dec 2 and Nov 8-15, both in Southern Costa Rica. 

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Short or long board, Amber and Shane rip!

How To Help The People of Nicaragua Right Now

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We Love the People of Nicaragua

Ever since SWA hosted our first retreat at Coco Loco in November of 2010, it has been our home base in Nicaragua. We have had hundreds of guests come through and experience the wonderful place. While Surf With Amigas staff are the ones guiding guests out into the surf and through a yoga practice, it’s the smiling local men and women serving plates of delicious food, keeping rooms clean and comfortable, and offering to help whenever guests need anything that have made the retreats extra special. It’s been a team effort.

The People of Nicaragua need our help right now

Due to the ongoing civil unrest in Nicaragua (read more about that here), we moved all our summer retreats to Costa Rica. We are lucky in that we have the option of avoiding the security issues with a change in venue. We were obviously not the only retreat company to make that change, and therefore resorts have been empty or way under capacity. As a result, resorts are closing their doors and laying off valued staff who have been working at their jobs for over a decade. These people now have no way to support their families.

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New Retreat Added – Luxury Surf Yoga Retreat Southern Costa Rica Nov 17-24

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“Luxurious accommodations with an unforgettable view”

The Accommodations

At Surf With Amigas we typically focus on value accommodations and go big on service in order to keep the price affordable. This one week we are offering a more luxurious accommodation option but still the awesome service you expect from us.

We’ll stay at a gorgeous house just 200m from the beach, but up a steep hill creating dramatic views. The house features 4 rooms to be split by 2-3 guests, each with it’s own private bathroom, AC, hot water, and high speed fiber optic WiFi. There’s a comfortable living room with big screen tv where we’ll do our surf coaching and classroom sessions, a relaxing pool and brand new yoga deck. The food will be catered by a local chef.

This region of Costa Rica is regarded as one of the most biologically diverse places in the world. Expect to see monkeys, sloths, toucans, scarlet macaws and a variety of other local creatures! There’s an option to ride horses deep into the jungle to check out a Native Indian reserve, do a boat trip to surf (conditions permitting), and we’ll have a ladies night out on the town. We’ll even learn to make chocolate and support the indigenous community by shopping their locally made products. We’ll relax and reconnect with nature.

The Surf

We will be driving to surf but there are several spots just a short way down the road, and relaxing on the pool deck, enjoying the view after the session will make hopping in the car to surf more than worth it. There’s a fun wave a short drive to the South featuring mostly lefts but a few rights too, a few gentler waves down the beach, and a couple world class point breaks nearby. We’ll be on a surf safari to get you into the best waves possible.  

If the swell is bigger we’ll be on a mission by boat or car to surf some of the longest waves in the world. We also like to explore some hidden nooks and crannies that are also super fun and often empty. We typically break up the group by ability so that everyone gets what they’re looking for and we don’t show up anywhere with a big crowd!

Our first retreat at this location will be November 17-24 2018. If you can’t make it that week but would love to check out this location, let us know and we may add more dates to the schedule.

Email for Questions

Southern Costa Rica Luxury Surf and Yoga Retreat Details

Price: Starting at $1950

What’s Included:

  • Two way transportation from the Golfito Airport (provided you arrive and depart on the designated days/times)
  • 7 nights accommodation in a shared room (2-3 per room depending on size of room) with AC, hot water, private bathroom and high speed WiFi
  • 4 deliciously healthy fresh meals per day (early morning cold breakfast, hot brunch, lunch, and dinner, plus dessert)
  • Unlimited coffee, tea, water, and juice
  • Daily individualized in-water surf coaching/instruction/guiding
  • Daily one on one post- session video coaching with one of our instructors
  • Video footage from surf sessions
  • A group of awesome new Amigas who may become your lifetime surfing friends!
  • Surfboard rental
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Adventures such as horseback riding, jungle exploring, boat trips, hiking, chocolate making, monkey viewing, ladies night out, etc.

Optional Extras:

  • Massages
  • Alcohol
  • Tips for staff

Book Flights

To book your flight, first fly into San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO), then connect to a domestic flight to Golfito. I recommend looking at the possible international options but then actually booking your Golfito flight before booking your international flight. I was told by an Amiga who has already booked hers that it looked like all the flights shown below on the schedule were available until she actually tried to book one of them. So book the smaller flight first just to be sure!

There are several flights per day into Golfito – an early morning, a midday, and a later afternoon flight. Our shuttle will pick you up on the midday or afternoon flight only since the hotel does not allow check in before noon. For the way out, choose the early or midday flight to take advantage of our shuttle.

For the flight from San Jose to Golfito, you need to book with Sansa Air directly – you can’t use Expedia.  For questions on booking flights or other options if you can’t find an itinerary that works for you, send us an email!




Highlight Videos from Two Retreats in June

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Two Locations, one week in Southern Costa Rica

The week of June 2-9 we hosted two simultaneous retreats both in Southern Costa Rica. One group of two couples and a pair of longtime friends stayed at boutique hotel and another group of advanced and beginner surfers stayed just down the road at our awesome jungle-surrounded primary location. Sometimes we joined the groups together for fun cocktail parties and classroom sessions, but we broke up the groups to surf separately to not overcrowd the lineup.

See below for the two highlight videos from the week!

Help Protect the Ocean to Celebrate World Oceans Day

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Happy World Oceans Day!

There are a whole lot of random holidays cluttering up the calendar, but today is one of those that we are excited to celebrate! June 8th is World Oceans Day! It’s a day we give thanks for the ocean, its importance in our lives, and put extra thought into how we can protect it for future generations.

surfing with baby, baby on board, mother son surf session, protect the ocean, next generation
Passing a love of the ocean on to future generations.

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CoEd Advanced Retreat in Costa Rica Highlights

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Coed Advanced Retreat in Costa Rica

Our first Co-Ed Advanced retreat in Costa Rica was amazing. All the guests improved their surfing after 1:1 surf video coaching and in water encouragement. We got nice medium sized waves most of the week and surfed a variety of spots including right out front, a super long rippable left point break and even took a boat trip to the other side of the gulf for some longboard action.

Classroom surf theory sessions

In between surf sessions there were surf theory classroom sessions. One session covered aspects of style and all the participants were encouraged to try a soul arch. You can see that those soul arches were nailed! Other classroom topics included learning about the differences between surfboards (fins, rails, bottom contours, materials), how to read a surf forecast, how to get more waves in a crowded lineup, and the essence of style.

Join us on our next advanced retreat

Join us in Costa Rica to take your surfing to the next level! Any of our Costa Rican retreats are good for advanced surfers but if you want to attend a week of only more experienced surfers where we will be doing classroom surf theory sessions daily, then an advanced retreat is a great choice. See the schedule for our next advanced retreats in Costa Rica here!

How To Surf With Style – The Soul Arch

On a recent advanced retreat in Costa Rica, I asked the group for suggestions on classroom session topics. One of the guests suggested a talk about how to have good style.

What is style?

Style is one of those things that you know when you see but is hard to describe. One of the most stylish female surfers, Stephanie Gilmore says “there’s no right or wrong, you do what feels good to you.”

The SOul arch

For the talk, I listed a handful of generally considered stylish professional surfers and then created a slideshow of photos of them. One thing we noted that almost all had in common was a tendency to do a “soul arch”. A soul arch is when you usually have your feet relatively closer together and you thrust your hips out, arch your back, and lean your head back. Whether it is in the tube, on a bottom turn, or during a nose ride, a lot of stylish surfers will go for this move. It looks cool, it feels cool. I encouraged the Amigas to try it on their next session.

Inspired myself to take my personal soul arch to the next level, I really went for it one session. I was paddling out with a local friend and we were talking about surfboards. She wanted to try mine and suggested I try hers. She weighs a bit more than I do so her board was quite a bit thicker and stiffer than what I’m used to riding. This is a video of my first wave riding her board. After a few turns, I went for the soul arch, into a cheater 5 nose ride soul arch, into a head-dip tube. Does it look cool? It felt amazing. In the end that’s all that matters!

I dare you to try a soul arch on your next session. Let us know how it feels!

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