Longboarding, Yoga, and Jungle Adventures with Surf With Amigas

Check out our highlight video from a retreat the week of June 22-29 2019 in southern Costa Rica. Our staff surf instructors demonstrate some gorgeous longboarding and ladies of all ages learn to surf and improve their skills in some super friendly long left point breaks. Delicious food, jungle adventures, and relaxing yoga complement a fun-filled week of surfing. Stay tuned for the guests’ thoughts at the end of the film!

Advanced Shortboarders (and friends) Highlight Video LIVE

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We hosted an advanced shortboard retreat in North Nicaragua with the goal of teaching our guests how to get tubed. You will see a couple of long boarders as well who wanted to come and join in the fun without the pressure of getting tubed. This is the highlight video of the week with everyone included!

There are waves for everyone in North Nicaragua and we scored an awesome swell and conditions all week. So much fun! Be sure to watch til the end to enjoy the hilarious wipeout reel!

Longboard Surf House Highlight Video

One of the first weeks we hosted a retreat at our Longboard Surf House we scored an incredible swell and the long left point breaks right out front were firing for the ladies. This location is great for learning to surf, learning to cross step, and also short boarding. We call it the longboard surf house because there’s an incredible longboard wave out front, but if you ride a shortboard there are waves for you too.

Join us in March-May 2020 at this location!

SWA Teaches Our Local Staff How To Surf

If you’ve been on one of our retreats in Southern Costa Rica, you’ll recognize these awesome ladies as the ones who make your delicious meals, greet you with a smile at cocktail hour, and keep your room tidy. After watching all our awesome guests with big smiles on their faces after a great surf session, these ladies wanted to try it for themselves. We took them down to the beach and did a surf lesson as if they were guests, complete with a pre-session stretch and post-session video analysis. They loved it! It felt so good to share the stoke of surfing with our entire team.

CoEd Advanced Surf Coaching Retreat in Costa Rica Highlight Video

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Wildlife, epic surf, good people, and adventures! This is what Surf With Amigas is all about. Here’s the highlight video from a super fun co-ed retreat in April at our Southern Costa Rica location. The retreat featured four couples who came together to relax, unwind, and improve their surfing skills.
There’s no better way to improve than on-wave coaching – where one of our instructors rides a wave with you, offering suggestions in real time, often with GoPro in hand.