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Why Choose Surf With Amigas


Surf Coaching, Yoga, and Adventure Retreat Info

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Late November Highlights Part 1

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SWA Interview Series – Cynthia in El Salvador

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Bucket List Activities – Volcano Boarding and Galloping on the Beach

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Back to Nicaragua – November Highlights


Long Rides and Lots of Dancing in El Salvador

Michelle (the grom) loves this wave

Amigas Ride Shortboards at La Bocana

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SWA Gets Iced

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Longboarders Cruise in El Salvador

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El Salvador Week 1 Highlights

Amira, from Panama, represents Central America with the wave of the day.

Shortboard Shredders in El Salvador



A surfers gets stoked with a mid-surf ion fix. Photo: Gibson

“Scientists Froth on Surf Stoke”

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New Instructor for Nov and Dec – Emily




New Instructor for October-November

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Learn to Surf and Help Save Baby Turtles in December

Neon Spirit Shorts: $55

Spirit Designs


Surf With Amigas Maldives trip?

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Interview Series – Kira Achieved Her Goals

SWA Leggings (Grey): $55

Surf Fashion – What’s the Deal with Surf Leggings?

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Interview Series – Alli Learns to Surrender

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Join the Amigas in El Salvador in October

SWA Leggings (Black): $55

Southern Nicaragua Retreat Highlights

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Mi Ola

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Sunny Happy Fun Day

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Jamie Came to Improve Her Surfing – Success!

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June 28th Week Retreat Highlights

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June 14 Retreat Highlights

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Learn From the Best at Surf With Amigas

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Liz Gets Tubed on Her Third Retreat


Waterfalls, Textiles, and Coffee in El Salvador


Dancing with Sharks


May Retreat Highlights

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The Far North Coast: Margaux Arramon-Tucoo, Surfer and Artist

Nikki Belcher Neck Opener

Neck and Shoulder Release by Nikki Belcher

fun waves for all levels!

South Nicaragua Retreat July 19-26 – Only a Few Spots Left!


Disguised in Nature

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Summer Salad


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