Surf Completely Tutorials

At Surf With Amigas, we take a humorous but effective approach to teaching surf skills.  In these tutorials you’ll learn to surf with your boobs, avoid paddling like a T-Rex, duck dive, and even practice tube riding on land.

How to Duck Dive

In our most popular video, Holly demonstrates how to Duck Dive. If you’re riding a shortboard (under 7′ long) this is how you will paddle through waves.

Improve Your Paddle Skills with Coco Chanel

How to paddle faster to catch more waves with our “Coco Chanel” paddle technique.

Exercises to Prepare for a Retreat

Exercises and stretches to prepare for your trip. Click here for more info.

How To Read Waves

point break

Click here for our detailed lesson.

How To Do a Big Backside Turn

Holly demonstrates how to make your backside turns bigger.

A Yoga Sequence for Duck Diving

Ieva demonstrates a Vinyasa flow for Duck Diving.

How to Take-off at an Angle

Britney explains how to improve your takeoff to get more time riding down the line.

How To Do a Frontside Cutback

Michelle explains how to do a frontside cutback.

How to do a Backside Cutback

Emily explains how to do a backside cutback. Backside means you are surfing with your back to the wave, as in a regular foot (left foot forward) surfing a left.

How to Turtle Roll

Jackie demonstrates how to do a Turtle Roll. This is what you use when paddling out through waves when riding a longboard.

Learn how to Generate Speed on a Wave by Skateboarding

How to Turn (Use Your Boobs)

A funny but very useful tool to learn to turn is using your boobs! Watch the video for the explanation.

The Perfect Pop-Up

Surfing starts with the pop up. This video will give you some tools to get your pop up right from the start.

How to Protect Your Skin from the Sun While Surfing

The Best Sunscreen For Surfing

3 Tips to Practice Tube Riding on Land

3 Tips to Practice Tube Riding on Land. Read the whole post here!