Advanced Shortboarders (and friends) Highlight Video LIVE

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We hosted an advanced shortboard retreat in North Nicaragua with the goal of teaching our guests how to get tubed. You will see a couple of long boarders as well who wanted to come and join in the fun without the pressure of getting tubed. This is the highlight video of the week with everyone included!

There are waves for everyone in North Nicaragua and we scored an awesome swell and conditions all week. So much fun! Be sure to watch til the end to enjoy the hilarious wipeout reel!

Highlight Videos from Two Retreats in June

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Two Locations, one week in Southern Costa Rica

The week of June 2-9 we hosted two simultaneous retreats both in Southern Costa Rica. One group of two couples and a pair of longtime friends stayed at boutique hotel and another group of advanced and beginner surfers stayed just down the road at our awesome jungle-surrounded primary location. Sometimes we joined the groups together for fun cocktail parties and classroom sessions, but we broke up the groups to surf separately to not overcrowd the lineup.

See below for the two highlight videos from the week!

CoEd Advanced Retreat in Costa Rica Highlights

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Coed Advanced Retreat in Costa Rica

Our first Co-Ed Advanced retreat in Costa Rica was amazing. All the guests improved their surfing after 1:1 surf video coaching and in water encouragement. We got nice medium sized waves most of the week and surfed a variety of spots including right out front, a super long rippable left point break and even took a boat trip to the other side of the gulf for some longboard action.

Classroom surf theory sessions

In between surf sessions there were surf theory classroom sessions. One session covered aspects of style and all the participants were encouraged to try a soul arch. You can see that those soul arches were nailed! Other classroom topics included learning about the differences between surfboards (fins, rails, bottom contours, materials), how to read a surf forecast, how to get more waves in a crowded lineup, and the essence of style.

Join us on our next advanced retreat

Join us in Costa Rica to take your surfing to the next level! Any of our Costa Rican retreats are good for advanced surfers but if you want to attend a week of only more experienced surfers where we will be doing classroom surf theory sessions daily, then an advanced retreat is a great choice. See the schedule for our next advanced retreats in Costa Rica here!

NEW Advanced Surfing Clinic for Short and Longboarders in Costa Rica

We just added an advanced surfing clinic for short and long boarders in Costa Rica this spring!

Dates: May 5-12, 2018

Skills we’ll focus on:

Since the retreat is open to all types of surfboards, some days we may be breaking up the group by board length, other days we’ll all surf together.

Short boarders will work on cutbacks, bottom turns, top turns, how to generate their own speed and possibly tube riding. We expect that attendees will already know how to duck dive, but we can work on tips to improve duck dive technique.

Long boarders will work on turns, generating speed, cross-stepping, cutbacks, looking stylish, and possibly nose riding. Long boarders are also welcome to try out shorter boards.

The Surf:

We’ll stay at a brand new little eco resort with multiple waves within walking distance. There are a couple faster (better for shorter boards) waves out front, and a few gentler waves a little ways down the beach (better for longboards). If the swell is bigger we’ll be on a mission by boat or car to surf some of the longest waves in the world. We strategically planned this retreat in May, when we’re likely to get a bit of swell and surf the points. There are a couple of world class waves where you could get the wave of your life, and a few other nooks and crannies that are also super fun and lesser known. We’ll be on surf safari to get you into the very best waves for you, breaking up the group by ability and board size so that everyone gets what they’re looking for, and we don’t show up anywhere with a big group! 

The place where we stay is nestled in between jungle and ocean along a gorgeous stretch of mostly empty pristine beach. This region in Costa Rica is regarded as one of the most biologically diverse places in the world. Expect to see monkeys, sloths, toucans, scarlet macaws and a variety of other local creatures!


The resort is nestled at the bottom of an 800 acre private biological reserve and looks directly out at the ocean. The lodging is eco-friendly and rustic but comfortable, with large screened windows, fans to keep cool, and ensuite bathrooms. Each room is equipped with 3 or 4 beds and will sleep 2-4 Amigas. There’s a covered restaurant area for meals and where we’ll do our video coaching and “classroom” sessions.

   marea alta panorama 

There will be yoga too of course! The resort features a gorgeous jungle-surrounded open air platform!


Since we will be staying near the end of a dirt road, essentially in the jungle, we’ll enjoy the chance to disconnect from the “real” world. There is no cell service or wifi at the resort. However there are several internet cafes in the area, two a short bike ride away. There are bikes provided for guest use. Our instructors also like to check in once in a while, so there will undoubtedly be some “internet missions” happening. There will be cell service at some of the spots we’ll surf as well as where we’ll go for our ladies night out dinner, so if you activate international data roaming on your phone you will have an opportunity to check in that way. Family members are always welcome to call the resort number as well in order to check in (that number available in the travel info document).

$1900 Package Includes –

  • 2 way airport transfer between Golfito Regional Airport and the resort (provided you arrive and depart within our recommended windows)
  • All meals
  • Coffee, tea, fresh juices and any drinks consumed in our cooler during surf missions/activities
  • Car and Boat trips to surf
  • High quality individualized coaching both in water and during video review sessions
  • Classroom sessions breaking down the mechanics of surfboards and maneuvers
  • Other activities if the surf isn’t firing.
  • Daily yoga sessions

Bring extra cash for

  • Massage
  • Smoothies, Sodas, and Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips for staff


Get coached by Holly and Jackie, assisted by our other instructors TBD. Check out our instructor page to read bios.