Mini Surf Retreat with Emily and Cherise in Ventura, CA

Anyone interested in doing a mini retreat without having to get on a plane? Our awesome instructors Emily Wratschko and Cherise Richards are hosting a 4 day retreat in Ventura, CA August 25-28. All the info is here! Get away without getting too far away. And if you just want to show up for the day, that’s an option too! tube

New Instructor for Nov and Dec – Emily

I first met Emily aka Em-dogs when she was in High School. I was home in between events on the world tour and slightly bored since there weren’t any cool surfer girls my own age who didn’t have full time jobs. I noticed a little crew of high school surfer girls and offered to take them under my wing and drive them to places like Trestles and Oceanside in the summer when our beaches were flat (the South Bay community where we’re from doesn’t pick up South swells and is typically about knee high and terrible all summer long). Emily was the quietest and most responsible of the group, although when she did say something she usually had everyone rolling in laughter. Those early summer road trips turned into a week-long trip to the North Shore of Oahu and then a trip to check out my new home break in Nicaragua in 2010. When looking for a calm responsible surf instructor who could be a good listener and also someone to laugh with, Emily was a natural choice.


Emily is 25 years old and hails from Palos Verdes, California. She grew up surfing the South Bay of LA and was lucky enough to have a tight knit group of local girl surfers and the influences of Holly. She participated in contests throughout High School and ended up being the team captain of Peninsula High’s surf team her senior year. After graduating, her love for surfing definitely influenced her choice in colleges. She headed down to San Diego State University where she got a degree in Business Administration and scored some great waves. Emily also competed with her college surf team where they took home multiple state championship titles. Teaching surf lessons throughout college lead her to open her LA based surf school where she could share her love of surfing with people from all over the world. After her first trip in Nicaragua back in 2010 she vowed to be back and jumped at the opportunity to teach with Surf With Amigas!

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