Release Your Spine – Advice from Physical Therapist Sofia Costa

10926393_10204781003818710_5984368933912640093_nSofia Costa joined Surf With Amigas on a retreat towards the end of 2014. She is a Dr. of physical therapy originally from Puerto Rico, now living and treating surfers in Santa Monica, CA.

Sofia has offered to provide some physical therapy content that Amigas can use to treat their bodies right in between surf sessions. See below for a little introduction and her first offering!

Life doesn’t hold still for us. If we don’t move with it,nlife is just going to pass us right by. Surfing teaches us to go with the flow smoothly, and live in the moment spontaneously to get the most out of the wave and out of life.” – Gerry Lopez


Surfing is an experience that allows you to co-exist with nature and with yourself!

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, my mission is to create body awareness, mindfulness, and teach you exercises that are specific for you and for surfing. I have a great passion to give back to surfers; to aid with recovery and provide skills necessary to self-manage and prevent injury; and as a gain, you can experience the addicting “stoke” that keeps you going out for more.

Contact Sofia at [email protected] or follow her on Instagram @costasurfpt


Support Surfer Girls Breaking Down Gender Barriers in Bangladesh


An amiga who joined us on a retreat last year shared this amazing story of a handful of young women breaking down traditional gender roles to follow their passions of having fun in the ocean while riding waves. In a place racked with poverty, where child marriages are all too common and young girls are forced into the streets to scrounge a living for themselves and their families, these girls have reconnected with having fun, have built confidence, and begun forming new dreams.

bangladesh 2

Read the article from the LATimes here. The inspired amiga Angie Christides who shared this with us has formed a non-profit called Pelican Crew (website in development) to bring surfing and other beach activities to underprivileged kids locally and internationally. She is holding a fundraiser in Los Angeles, Sunday May 22nd for the girls surf club in Bangladesh.  Click here for the full flyer with more information on the event in .pdf form. Help young girls follow their dreams and connect with other awesome surfing women in the LA area by attending this event!

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