Video Coaching

Video Coaching during an SWA retreat

We believe the very best way to improve your surfing is to see yourself on video and have an expert analyze and break down the footage. Through this process, little adjustments can be made to take you to the next level.

Video coaching is a big part of our program during retreats, but we wanted to figure out a way to offer the service to ladies at home before or after retreats. We are currently working out the exact details of how the online coaching program will work, but if you have video of yourself and would like one of our coaches to evaluate it and give you feedback, send it in! The quality doesn’t have to be professional, but the better it is, the more we can see what’s going on. Send us your videos and we’ll send you a pdf with screenshots annotated with comments on your video, along with some personalized video instruction on how to improve. The service is FREE so send them in!

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