Virtual Surf Coaching

Video coaching is the very best way to improve your surfing.

Working with an instructor or coach in the water is great and one of the awesome aspects of a Surf With Amigas retreat. It’s very helpful to get real time insight while in the lineup on where to paddle, when to paddle, and assistance on catching waves. But once you are beyond getting pushed into waves, it’s actually a bit tricky for a coach to give you a lot of feedback in the water because unless the coach can see every one of your rides, they can’t tell what’s actually happening. That’s where video coaching comes in.

Little details make a big difference.

We offer video coaching as a standard part of almost every retreat. Having a coach look at footage of your session and be able to break down all the little details is absolutely key for improving. When an experienced coach watches your footage she can quickly see little things that you might not have even noticed you are doing. Things like adjusting your eye-line, foot positioning, body positioning can make an enormous difference in your performance. It’s also great for talking about timing, reading the wave, and choice of maneuvers.

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Have footage of yourself? We will analyze it to help you improve.

In this downtime between being able to offer in-person video coaching, we are offering a virtual coaching service. If you have come on a retreat and have your collection of clips that you would like analyzed again, you can send to us and you can schedule a Zoom call to have Holly go over that footage with you and any question you might have about your surfboard, the waves you surf, the next steps in improving your surfing.

If you have footage that a friend has captured or from a different retreat, we would be happy to analyze that as well.

If you don’t have any footage yet, go get some! We’ve found the best way to do this is to find a group of 2-4 friends and have everyone trade off filming. That way you only spend a bit of time on the beach, but get the benefit of lots of time being filmed surfing.

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If you live in Southern CA and don’t have any footage, we are teaming up with a woman- owned surf school called Wavehuggers there who will help you choose which beach might be good on that day, help you assess where to paddle out, and then will film you. They will also provide the option to have an instructor paddle out with you while you’re being filmed. They will give you your footage to send to us to analyze.

See below for an example


We understand that not having any video footage of yourself may be a barrier to participating. For now even if you have a shaky far-away cell phone video, or a clip from Surfline Rewind, or a couple of photos from a surf trip last year, send us what you have and Holly will do her best to give you coaching on a donation basis.

If you have participated in a Surf With Amigas retreat or other surf retreat that included surf footage, and you would like to get one of our surf instructor’s feedback, Holly is offering her services in this down time. You can send us your clips and she will do a detailed analysis with Zoom call with you for $99.

If you’re interested in learning more or have questions about the process, please send Holly an email at [email protected]