Amigas Charge Huge Waves in Nicaragua

I absolutely love getting Amigas into big waves. Ok, i’ll admit it, I do prefer when looking at the surf forecast while planning the retreat week, it shows small to medium sized surf. It just makes life easier that way. But when I saw a swell forecasted to be 22″, I also got really excited. During the retreat, we offered a course on how to read surf forecasts to explain what the period number actually means. Standby for a blog post on that….
For now you can check out the photos below to see what that long period swell means! (hint. big waves!).

Our team of surf instructors were on it, guaranteeing that all the Amigas stayed safe even amongst very large waves breaking over a rock bottom. Each of the ladies who challenged the point got at least one large wave, and many rode theirs all the way to the beach to the cheers of the ladies on the inside. It was a magical and inspiring day! Check out some photo highlights below…

Magnific Rock October 1-8


Week one of our fall/winter season kicked off with a wonderful group of ladies including a group from Alaska celebrating a 50th birthday who fell in love with surfing, as well as some awesome returning Amigas. There was no shortage of activities from sailboat rides to helping out the local Nica Surf Club.