Boost Your Surf Confidence With These 4 Practices

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It’s normal to have pre-surf jitters, especially when the conditions may be challenging or you’ve been out of the water for a while. Boost your confidence and prepare yourself for your next big session or surf trip with these 4 tips!

try static breath holds

Recognize what happens to you, mentally and physically, when you hold your breath. Static breath holds can be performed underwater or on land in a place where you can sit calmly and relax. Be sure to do this with a buddy, and in a safe environment! By practicing breath holds, you are inviting your body to adapt in difficult or uncomfortable situations. Wiping out can be scary, and breath holding gives you the opportunity to manage how your body and mind respond to stress. This knowledge is power for the next time you experience a hold down underwater.

Learn to quiet your mind

Our minds can be our biggest obstacle or asset in the water. Surfing is a sport that demands both physical and mental endurance. Incorporating mindfulness techniques such as breath work and other relaxation/meditation exercises can help calm pre-surf jitters and facilitate composure in the water. By learning to recognize and accept your fears, manage stress, and maintain a relaxed state, you can approach each wave with greater confidence and clarity.

surf with amigas retreats

Practice visualization techniques

Visualization practices will help you dive more deeply into the mental aspects of surfing, and help boost confidence! When you have a spare few minutes in your day, try having a mental surf session! Imagine yourself riding the perfect wave, feeling the rush of adrenaline, and executing flawless maneuvers, or whatever your personal surf goal may be. Through visualization, you can build your mind-body connection, anticipate challenges, and take steps to honing your skills in the water.

Practice well-rounded training

Surfing is a full body sport, and it’s easy to lose surf and paddle endurance if you don’t have the opportunity to jump in the water frequently (as is often the unfortunate reality in our busy lives!) Practice building your strength and flexibility, in and out of the water. Cross-training will not only boost your readiness for that next session but will also bolster your health and longevity! Not to mention, by diversifying your physical activities you’ll reduce the risk of burnout or sport-specific injuries. Think of it as an  incentive to try something different while immersing yourself in a new community.

For more surf techniques and mindful practices, check out the Surf with Amigas Collective!



Come on a Retreat and Raise your Confidence in Bigger Waves

Allison Cecil came on a retreat last year with her friend Minette. She is an active member of the San Diego Surf Ladies so she gets in the water quite regularly in San Diego in between caring for her two very large dogs, mischievous cat, and running a very cool jewelry company. She came down to refine her surfing, get some tips, and just have fun riding waves in warm water. Although she claimed to be a surfing chicken who only liked 1-3 foot waves, we saw her tackle a few really nice overhead drops. I received the message below from her a few days ago and was really stoked to hear that she’s been charging Black’s beach and has really raised her confidence in the water. See below from Allison:


“I think I’ve told you this before but I wanted to tell you again because tonight it reminded me of this. My time with you, Kim, Jackie and Jaime pushed me past my comfort zone of 1-3 foot waves and got me to drop in on bigger, scarier waves. I left Nicaragua with a new found love and appreciation for bigger waves. Every time I paddle out on a big day (well for me a big day is 5’+ plus) I’m filled with gratitude for my time with you guys. I feel at ease and excited to catch a big whopper waves instead of fear!

Before my trip to Nica I was scared and loathed it when the reports would be for 4-6 foot days, now I’m stoked! This evening I rode a wave that I will probably never forget. I dropped into an absolute BOMB of a wave and zoomed past a zillion dudes who wanted that wave! I have never gone so fast on a surfboard in my life and the best part of it was that the wave was about .3 miles long (I measured it on Google Earth) ! SO THANK YOU!!!! I will never forgot my time with Surf With Amigas, especially on days like today.