4 Financial Tips to Help Create Your Dream Surf Lifestyle

Money, money money! It’s a bit of a sore subject for some and definitely can be a difficult topic to broach. Whether you like it or not, don’t have enough of it or consistently find yourself rolling in the dough, there’s really only one way to slice it: money matters.

Many people go their entire lives without achieving basic financial literacy and learning skills that can help anyone succeed, regardless of background. We recently chatted with finance executive Alix Tucker and had an open and honest discussion about money, and how deeper knowledge of financial strategies can facilitate new possibilities.


Alix Tucker is the owner of the financial coaching business financewithalix.com and VP of the 3rd fastest growing tech company in the US, GitLab. Alix worked in the finance and tech industry for over 15 years before she created her own financial consulting business, eager to share her knowledge with others. She experienced a major shift in life after discovering surfing and yearned for a lifestyle with more freedom. Alix appreciates the work-life balance and encourages others to do the same; a primary goal in her work is to “lead with kindness and empower those around [her].” Alix began thinking about money at an early age, she explains:

“I’ve been thinking about retirement since I was 12 years old. It’s something that’s really motivating to me because I knew that I didn’t want to work for the rest of my life. I’m not that type of person.”

Alix believes that, “the biggest gap that we have today for most people is really around financial literacy and education. People don’t understand how the economy works, how the stock market works, how compounding interest works; these sort of things that can really change your life and help you achieve retirement at a younger age.”

An ideal financial situation for you is bound to be different from someone else. When thinking of your finances, ask yourself the question: What truly matters? Alix explains, “people today in California or New York or Seattle, they’re spending so much money on their housing that they can’t afford to go on vacations. So it’s just about a trade off. What would you prefer? Do you want the daily lifestyle? And how realistic is that for you anyways?

How early do you have to go to work? If you go do a two hour surf session, are you going to be able to balance that? How often are you taking advantage of that?

So it’s just about what you prioritize more. Would you rather do the vacations or would you rather do the daily lifestyle?”

In addition, Alix advises to start with a goal: ask yourself, how much annual income would you need to be financially independent?


  1. Start saving 20% of your income

  2. Do your research

  3. Remove all high-interest debt

  4. Keep a long-term perspective in mind when thinking about the stock market

To learn more about Alix’s work or how you can find financial freedom, listen to our podcast episode available on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

For those looking to dive a bit deeper, Alex suggests thinking about the following strategies:

Support an Amiga Following Her Dream – Naia Vibes

Angela Tseng joined us on a retreat a few years ago in Nicaragua. She already knew how to surf a bit, but she worked hard and quickly improved. Over the next few years we saw her at least once a year and really got to know her as the silly, smart, passionate woman she is.

As her love for surfing grew, she totally re-arranged her life, culminating in her quitting her graphic design job and pursuing her dream of creating her own clothing line.

Naia Vibes is a line of clothing created for the adventurous girl who wants to be comfortable and stylish while traveling the world with salty hair.


We love it when women step up and go after one of their goals, and want to support her in any way we can. Angela has just opened a Kickstarter campaign to fund her new line.

Read more about Angela and the process here: http://thelafashion.com/2017/05/09/naia-vibes-coast-casual-touch-city-chic/

Follow on Instagram – @naiavibes

Feeling Empowered by Surf With Amigas

At the end of retreats, we usually pick a few ladies and ask them their favorite experience of the week. Was it the surfing, the horseback riding, the opportunity to share awesome adventures with new like-minded friends? Of course it’s usually all of those things, but this week Kara summed it up in a way that I hadn’t imagined, but really like. She said, “Every day there’s an opportunity to overcome fear.

A lot of ladies come down with a fear of the ocean, horseback riding, or volcano boarding, but with the support of eachother and the staff at Surf With Amigas you end up feeling totally empowered, bad ass, and like you can do anything! That’s our goal!