Surf Yoga Horses and Party Waves

Every Surf With Amigas retreat has it’s own vibe and itinerary, but in general a week with us involves tons of surfing, daily relaxing restorative yoga, super fun hiking adventures, galloping on the beach, and indulging in adult beverages (if you’re into that). There’s nothing like the camaraderie of an all women’s retreat. Come play with us!

Surf Adventures with Amigas (Fastest Volcano Boarding Group Ever!)

Really, when it comes down to it, we’re all about having fun. Whether it’s cheering for new friends as they catch the best wave of their life, sharing a cold beer under an amazing sunset, racing down the beach on horseback, or dancing at the top of a volcano, we love to have a good time. This group just so happened to top the volcano boarding speed list with Jess from Western Australia scoring 72km/hr, and a bunch more Amigas in the above 50km category. Thankfully, no one was injured!

Galloping on the Beach – There’s nothing else like it!

Even if your horseback riding experience consists of one ride at a carnival when you were 8 years old, if you believe in yourself and get in sync with the horse, you can gallop down the beach at full speed. It’s an unbelievable feeling. There’s nothing else like it. Come to a Surf Yoga Adventure Retreat in Nicaragua and fulfill your fantasies!
Thanks to Nadia Schulkind for the words and demonstration.