July Family Retreat Highlight Video

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The family retreats are some of our favorite because it is so cool to watch kids fall in love with the ocean alongside their parents. Group hikes, art classes, chocolate making workshops, big family surf sessions, horseback riding, and kids being entertained by our staff while adults to get chill and do yoga… it’s all part of the fun and adventure. Whether your kids already know how to surf, or you want to get them started, bring them down to play!

If you didn’t see our blog post about the awesome kid’s art class that we had during this retreat, you can read the story here.

Family Retreat Art Class

family retreat, art class, de colores art studio, Costa Rica, surf with amigas, surf camp

family retreat, art class, Costa Rica

Family Retreat Art Class

The family retreats are so amazingly fun! Aside from the normal Surf With Amigas program, we have a few fun camp counselor-type instructors on hand to come up with activities to engage the kids so that parents can do yoga, go for a relaxing walk on the beach or just have a quiet moment to sip a glass of wine.

This week we had a great group of kids aged 2.5 – 14. We had a scavenger hunt, played hide and seek, and took them to the De Colores art studio for a private art class with our fabulous friend Hadas. The class involved first taking a walk on the beach to collect sticks and smooth stones that were then painted and decorated.

Enjoy the gorgeous photos from the experience taken by @courtneyblythephotography

Bring your family to join us on a future family retreat (click the link for info)!


Family Surf Retreat Boat Trip Test Run

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Family Surf Retreat

Now that I have kids, and my 3.5 year old has started surfing, I’m getting really excited about hosting more family surf retreats. There’s nothing more fun than sharing the love of surfing with family. Seeing your little one’s eyes light up and that full face smile as they ride a wave alongside you is every bit as fulfilling as getting an amazing wave yourself – or so I’ve come to believe.

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