Surf Yoga Horses and Party Waves

Every Surf With Amigas retreat has it’s own vibe and itinerary, but in general a week with us involves tons of surfing, daily relaxing restorative yoga, super fun hiking adventures, galloping on the beach, and indulging in adult beverages (if you’re into that). There’s nothing like the camaraderie of an all women’s retreat. Come play with us!

Surf Yoga Retreats for All Ages, All Abilities

Surf With Amigas offers surf yoga retreats that are open to all ages and all ability levels. We had a mix of all of that on this retreat at our Northern Costa Rica location – from ladies who had been surfing a while to some who had never touched a board. There was an awesome mother/daughters trio who shared a party wave with all three riding. So fun!

Our First Pura Vista Retreat Highlight Video

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Our first ever retreat at our Pura Vista location was so fun! We had a mixed level group including one mother/daughter duo. We scored some awesome waves and got a chance to surf a variety of spots. After surfing we’d go back to the house, swim in the pool, and relax, enjoying the awesome view!

We do have several other retreats on our schedule at this location starting the week of Feb 23 if you’re interested in joining us. Check out the schedule page for more details!

Nicaragua is Safe to Visit – My Personal Experience

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SWA founder Holly Beck talks about returning to her home in Northern Nicaragua for the first time since protests erupted into civil unrest last spring, causing us to temporarily cancel all Nicaraguan Retreats.

Traveling to Nicaragua

I was in Costa Rica running retreats last spring when civil unrest erupted in my adopted home country of Nicaragua. I’ll be honest that even despite hearing from our friends – both local and expat – that now it is all safe and fine to visit, I was just a little bit nervous about coming, particularly since I had two young kids with me. I hadn’t been back in 8 months and had been following the social media accounts of protestors that made things on the ground seem scary. As usual what you see on the news is only a tiny piece of the story. The majority of the unrest has passed. The violence has stopped. Protests are now minimal and confined to the cities. Things look a lot like the US where the majority of the population isn’t happy with their president. Throughout even the worst of the unrest, the beaches never experienced any issues. Now everything is completely peaceful at the beach. The roads from the airport to the beach are free and clear, totally normal. It’s true, I saw it for myself!

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