Advanced Longboard Retreat Highlight Video

Surf with Amigas hosts retreats to improve your surfing whether you have never surfed before or are ready to work on more advanced maneuvers. Here’s the highlight video from our first ever advanced longboarding retreat featuring guest instructor 2xWorld Longboarding Champion Jen Smith. The ladies worked on cross stepping nose riding and style in some really awesome waves at our Northern Nicaraguan location.

Exercises and Stretches to Prepare for Your Retreat

Surf With Amigas surf and yoga teacher Cherise Richards takes us through some exercises and stretches that will help you prepare for your trip. Strengthen arms, core, legs, and back, then stretch them out to increase mobility so you’ll be more prepared to perform your best on day 1 of your retreat. Keep this program going after your trip to stay in shape back in the “real world” too! Check out the video!

3 Tips for Practicing Tube Riding on Land

Getting barreled is the best feeling in surfing. Surf With Amigas has begun offering advanced level retreats geared towards helping guests learn to get their first tube ride or improve their tube riding technique. Here are a few tips to help you practice before your trip even if you don’t live near hollow waves. Click Play above!

If you’re interested in joining us on an advanced retreat, check out our schedule of retreats here!

For more barrel riding tips go to The SWA Collective

Women’s Surf Yoga Adventure Retreats for All Ability Levels – Beginner to Advanced

This retreat highlight video represents the best of Surf With Amigas all-level retreats. Our Northern Nicaragua location is open to all ability levels – whether it’s your first time touching a surfboard, or you’ve been surfing for years and want to take it to the next level, or just take a worry-free surf trip with other supportive ladies! This week was a particularly awesome mix of abilities which allowed us to break up the group so that everyone got the right amount of support and challenge.

Check out the highlight video for inspiration!

First Ever Advanced Retreat Highlight Video

In July we had our first ever dedicated Advanced Retreat in Northern Nicaragua. It included tons of surfing and lots of classroom sessions to help the Amigos become better surfers. Of course on top of the surfing and learning there were tons of other fun activities and true to any Surf With Amigas surf yoga adventure retreat, there was lots of dancing and silliness and fun! Click play for the highlight video!

First Advanced Retreat Photo Gallery

Our first every dedicated advanced retreat was a success! There are so many awesome photos and videos that we’ll be uploading them little by little. See below from some of the highlights from the first couple of days as the Amigas were just getting used to their boards and the new spots. After several days of coaching, they took it to the next level… we’ll be posting those photos next! Stay tuned.

If these waves look good to you, join us on one of our upcoming advanced retreats! All of our retreats are open to all levels and we have instructors available to coach advanced surfers every week. But these dedicated advanced retreats include more classroom sessions and more time spent surfing (vs. other activities). Check out the schedule here: Advanced Surf Coaching Retreats

2 x World Longboard Champ Jen Smith to Coach Fall South Nicaragua Retreats

We are so excited to announce that two time World Longboard Champ Jen Smith is on board to give some advanced coaching at our Southern Nicaragua retreats in October.

We are excited to host a retreat with Jen Smith appearing as guest instructor to inspire the longboarder ladies to longer slides with toes on the nose, cross-stepping, and timeless style.

I met Jen a few years ago on a surf/skate trip with Sector9 to Ecuador and the Galapagos. See below for video of us skating to surf in the Galapagos.

For another fun video where we skate to go play with baby seals click here.

Jen is awesome. She’s from San Diego, and a two-time winner of the World Longboard Championships, so she obviously knows how to surf. She’s also just a down-to-earth cool chick – a chef, passionate organic gardener, surf instructor and shop employee at her dad’s skate shop.

She’s excited to take a break from all that to come down to Nicaragua for a couple of weeks to help ladies improve their surfing and specifically their long boarding.

If you’d like to surf with Jen, join us Sept 30-Oct 7 or Oct 7-14 in Southern Nicaragua!

Email [email protected] for inquiries or to sign up!

Shortboard Only Advanced Surf Clinic

We are really excited to announce our first advanced surf coaching clinic in Northern Nicaragua. We’ll stay in front of a hollow beach break and will set a goal of getting you into your first real tube ride, or improving your tube riding if you already have some barrel experience.

Of course there are other good waves around as well. This is for shortboarders only!

You will get a chance to surf with former pro surfer and SWA founder Holly Beck and others from our awesome team of instructors. Check out the website for more info: