Family Retreat Highlight Video

The families that surf together stay together! At Surf With Amigas we love families joining us, whether it means getting a nanny to watch the kiddos while mom and dad surf, or helping young surfers catch their very first rides! It’s all good, and all ages are welcome.

This was our second ever family retreat at our North Nicaragua 2 location and it was a great one! Make sure to watch the video above until the very end to see how passionate the local ladies are about kickball! We love supporting women in sports of all ages and all cultures.

2 x World Longboard Champ Jen Smith to Coach Fall South Nicaragua Retreats

We are so excited to announce that two time World Longboard Champ Jen Smith is on board to give some advanced coaching at our Southern Nicaragua retreats in October.

We are excited to host a retreat with Jen Smith appearing as guest instructor to inspire the longboarder ladies to longer slides with toes on the nose, cross-stepping, and timeless style.

I met Jen a few years ago on a surf/skate trip with Sector9 to Ecuador and the Galapagos. See below for video of us skating to surf in the Galapagos.

For another fun video where we skate to go play with baby seals click here.

Jen is awesome. She’s from San Diego, and a two-time winner of the World Longboard Championships, so she obviously knows how to surf. She’s also just a down-to-earth cool chick – a chef, passionate organic gardener, surf instructor and shop employee at her dad’s skate shop.

She’s excited to take a break from all that to come down to Nicaragua for a couple of weeks to help ladies improve their surfing and specifically their long boarding.

If you’d like to surf with Jen, join us Sept 30-Oct 7 or Oct 7-14 in Southern Nicaragua!

Email [email protected] for inquiries or to sign up!

The difference between Epoxy and Polyurethane surfboards

I occasionally receive a message from a guest asking to be able to ride a “fiberglass board” on their retreat as opposed to an epoxy board. The question always makes me grimace. Unless the board is made from some unusual material like carbon fiber, ALL surfboards are wrapped in fiberglass. I think what the guest is actually wanting is to not ride a “pop-out” board – as in the mass-produced SurfTech or NSP variety. The actual choice is polyurethane vs epoxy (or EPS). To understand some of the principle differences see below…

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Highlights from July 8-15 in North Nicaragua

This group started out as a bunch of beginners and all learned to surf by the end of the week. A few of them really stepped it up in the bigger surf and scored some impressive rides at the point when the swell was pumping. Of course all of the awesome Surf With Amigas activities also went down like volcano boarding, sunsets on the beach with new friends, and kickball with the local ladies of the Nicaraguan community.

Click to watch video!

July 1-7 Retreat – Surfing, Skateboarding, Horses, Coaching

July is always a great time of year to join us in Nicaragua. We sometimes get some bigger swells that allow the Amigas to really push their surfing, but no matter what there are always cute waves on the inside as well. This week we had an awesome group and galloped down the beach on horses, learned better paddle technique in the pool, how to duckdive and turtle roll, and gave some skateboards to a group of local kids.

To watch the video, check out the post and click play!

June 10-17 Retreat Highlights

Our second retreat of the rainy season was an awesome one with some cloudy skies keeping us cool and sun protected, we had really great waves and an awesome group. With a couple of more advanced shortboarders on the retreat Holly was able to take them off to a more advanced break one day to work on surfing bigger more powerful waves. We also took the group for a party night out in Leon featuring the delicious food of @cooksurflove.

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May 27th Southern Nicaragua Retreat Highlights

We had a great week of really good waves in Southern Nicaragua. Surf surf surf and more surf, plus things that weren’t captured like yoga, horseback riding, ziplining, and boat trips. Click to watch the video!

We do still have a couple spots left at this location for July 22-29 and July 29-Aug 5th. Come play!

Southern Nicaragua Retreat Highlights June 3-10

Southern Nicaragua is holding with cute waves for all ability levels. This week we had a mix of levels including some shredders. The beginners surfed out front and the shredders explored some other reefs nearby. Ziplining is always an awesome experience too. Super fun week of Amigas shredding!

We still have a few spots available in South Nica July 22-29 and July 29-Aug 5th if you’re ready for your warm water surfing escape!

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Panama Retreat Highlight Video

A few years ago we took a trip to Panama and stumbled upon this hidden gem of a beachbreak with super user friendly and also really awesome waves and a little hotel right in front. This is our third year back the guests had an amazing adventure including surf, tide pool antics, SUP exploration, and some great fishing. Combine that with good friends and great food and you’ve got a typical Surf With Amigas surf yoga retreat adventure.