Halloween Week Adventure

This video sums up all of the adventures that we offer during one of our womens surf yoga adventure weeks. We never seem to capture any footage of yoga since everyone is just enjoying and relaxing, but trust me there’s plenty of yoga too! This week included Halloween in case you were wondering about the face paint and costumes.
Always a good time!

Nov 4-11 Highlight Video – Surf Yoga Adventure Baby Turtles in North Nicaragua

At Surf With Amigas Surf Yoga Adventure Retreat for Women, we focus heavily on creating a culture of support and encouragement. When you get a great ride, or your first ride, or a big wipeout, the first thing you’ll hear is enthusiastic cheering from all your new Amigas! No matter what we are here to support you in achieving your goals. We’ll also give back to the local community, participate in a sea turtle protection program, do yoga, and have other awesome adventures.
This is the highlight video from the first week of November.

Advanced Longboard Retreat Highlight Video

Surf with Amigas hosts retreats to improve your surfing whether you have never surfed before or are ready to work on more advanced maneuvers. Here’s the highlight video from our first ever advanced longboarding retreat featuring guest instructor 2xWorld Longboarding Champion Jen Smith. The ladies worked on cross stepping nose riding and style in some really awesome waves at our Northern Nicaraguan location.

Exercises and Stretches to Prepare for Your Retreat

Surf With Amigas surf and yoga teacher Cherise Richards takes us through some exercises and stretches that will help you prepare for your trip. Strengthen arms, core, legs, and back, then stretch them out to increase mobility so you’ll be more prepared to perform your best on day 1 of your retreat. Keep this program going after your trip to stay in shape back in the “real world” too! Check out the video!