Who Are The Amigas? Meet Katie Choate

We’re back again to catch up with more alumni amigas that you may have met on your retreat!

Stay tuned for monthly stories and updates from our good friends across the globe.

Q: Think back to when you attended your first SWA retreat. Why did you book that trip? What was that first retreat experience like for you?

A: I suddenly lost my mom in September of 2018. I booked the Pavones retreat for May of that year. Being around womxm and learning from womxn is very comforting to me. I bonded with one of the surf instructors who had also suddenly lost her dad. It was special to be able to share those serious conversations but also share waves/beer/laugh with one another. It was an incredibly healing experience for me. (Hence why I booked the Morocco trip the week that I got home, haha.)

Q: Now that you’ve been on several SWA retreats, what keeps you coming back?

A: A lot of SWA retreat elements keep me coming back! I’ve become friends with the instructors, and it’s always fun to go on trips with friends… I honestly feel like the retreats are very reasonably priced for everything that’s included; instruction, video, food, lodging, yoga, etc… The destinations are so well researched and I feel like I’m set up for success… The food is delicious… Also, the retreats attract rad womxn!

Q: Describe the feeling you get from surfing…

A: Just, happy. I feel free and empowered and like I’m doing something I didn’t think I could do.

Q: What are you most passionate about in life right now? The SWA community wants to know!

A: Living in the Pacific Northwest, I’m most passionate about getting dialed in the backcountry (splitboarding, specifically). I’m spending a couple months with my partner in Revelstoke, British Columbia this winter so getting ready with continued avalanche awareness training, snow science education, and continuing to volunteer for Mt. Rainier Nordic Ski Patrol! I love snow.

Q: What is your dream SWA retreat location?

A: Batu Karas, Java

Q: What would you tell someone who is about to go on their first SWA retreat?

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Black Friday Deals on Surf Yoga Retreats in Nicaragua and Costa Rica

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An early morning right peels across the bay at our Northern Nicaragua location.

We’re getting in on the Black Friday Deal action. We still have a few spots open in December in Nicaragua and January/February in Costa Rica and are offering some great deals to fill a few spots.

Surf yoga retreat, surf coaching, nicaragua, holly beck, surf camp, womens
Get on wave coaching by the best female instructors including pro surfer Holly Beck!



Join us for the Best Surf Yoga Retreat and Surf Coaching Available at a great price.

If you sign up before Nov 30th for our Dec 16-23 or Dec 30-Jan 6 surf yoga retreats in Nicaragua or Jan 13-20, Jan 20-27, Feb 10-17 or Feb 17-24 surf yoga retreats in Costa Rica, we are offering several hundred dollars off!

Join us to get the very best surf coaching by our all female staff! Each retreat also features lots of other activities like daily yoga, horseback riding, giving back to the local community, and other adventures.

If you were thinking of joining us but price was a concern, now’s the best time to reserve your spot! Email [email protected] for info!

For info on the specific locations – Click here (scroll down past the schedules for photos and info): Northern Nicaragua Costa Rica

Surf yoga retreat, surf coaching, nicaragua, holly beck, surf camp, womens
An Amiga from Santa Cruz celebrates her first time going left. We will help you achieve your surfing goals, whatever they are!

“Cute wave” and other taglines from a surf trip with 20 frothing women

We had an Amiga join us on a retreat a few months ago who is already an experienced surfer but was looking for a “girl’s trip” surf getaway. She wrote a review on her blog which you can read here:

Cute Wave and Other Tag Lines from a Surf Trip with 20 Frothing Women

Here’s a preview, but check out the link above for the full review! It’s a fun read:

Review of Surf with Amigas, Women’s Surf and Yoga Retreats held in Nicaragua and Costa Rica

One recent evening after weeks without swell at our local break and a couple of glasses of wine, I jumped on the internet to research surf spots in Nicaragua and came across a review of Surf With Amigas , a women’s surf coaching retreat founded by retired professional surfer Holly Beck. Fuelled by impulse and alcohol, I shot off an email to Holly asking if there were any available spots on an upcoming trip.  Waking sober the next morning to a reply from Holly, I realized I had somehow committed myself to a whole week of 24/7 female bonding with twenty women I had never met. After a bit more back and forth with Holly about my surfing ability, board sizes and objectives for the trip, I lay down my 50% deposit and booked a waxing appointment.

My husband and I have been on many surf trips where I was the only female surfer or there were only 2 or 3 of us. There is upside and downside to this arrangement but I have to say it had never occurred to me to attend a women’s only surf camp.  However, despite surfing for over 20 years, I classify myself as a competent but not confident surfer.  Big, hollow waves still cause brain freeze after all these years and the chance to improve my technique and confidence in fun uncrowded waves where I didn’t have to hassle with a bunch of guys was appealing….

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