Advanced Surfer Mom Katarina Marlett Shares Her Surf Journey: Setting Goals & Sending It

Katarina has joined us on several advanced surf retreats over the years. Without fail, she shows up with a fiery passion to “send it” whether it be in the surf, or in her Halloween costumes. She recently joined us in northern Nicaragua for her third Tube Clinic and she took her “charge it” mentality next level, consistently taking off on the biggest, hollowest waves and coming up smiling regardless of the ensuing wipeouts. She earned the nickname “Senderella”!  
We caught up with Katarina post-retreat to learn about the impact that Women’s Surf & Yoga Retreats with SWA have had on her surf journey.

Enjoy this journal-style entry by Katarina Marlett:

I’ve just had these burning goal inside for a while now: to surf more critical waves and to get that dreamy barrel! To set a goal and achieve it at any age. To show myself I can do it, and to be an example to my two boys!

Heading to Surf With Amigas Advanced Clinic with a host of like-minded women and badass surfers makes those goals  seem valid, intensified, and achievable. During the retreat, at every corner you are held up by the other women, both participants and staff, (and not in that cheesy way that makes you have nausea) but held in a way that actually means something and resonates. 

Sometimes I think back to moments on other surf trips, of being intimated by a boatful of male Aussie rippers headed to the peak, or times of being growled at in the water by the resident grump who judges your every move. Not here! At these retreats you swap smiles for breaky and fist bumps for lunch – in that not so nausea-inducing way that I mentioned before. No eye rolls… it’s the real goods! It’s the actual feeling of being happy and understood, of being supported in every way and encouraged to feel exactly how you want, when you want. No judgement. You’re given the best window to get the best surf and then every wave is on video for analyzing, celebrating, and improving. 

Every upset is met with a supportive Amiga so that you can wake up and try again, and every victory is celebrated with vigor. And every amiga, has similar goals. They share the exact enthusiasm you have, they want the same things!

The advanced retreats are unlike any others because all of these women rip! We all want to shred harder and our eyes are saucers to the lineup each and every time. We’re full of froth and every second is about achieving the most badass epic session possible.

Every day you are presented with the perfect opportunity to achieve what you want to achieve. With no kids to tend to and no work to stress over, it’s only you and your goals in the water. Everything else has been thought out for you. 

My surfing goals are to surf bigger, stronger, more critical waves. I want to surf Cloud Break when in Fiji, or Bank Vault’s when in the Mentawais – all of those dreamy waves where more skill is required. Another big goal of mine is to drop straight into a barrel which is hard to hone. I know that practicing this means a ton of trial & error which is why whenever that perfect set comes, the biggest and best one, I’m always going to send it. I know that one of those waves will be the best waves of my life and I will have shown myself, “you have it in you to achieve what you want.”

When it does happen (catching that perfect set) it means more to you than you ever thought possible. You feel alive! You can fill yourself with all the joy that comes from acheiving something, and then share all of the joy with your kids and your friends. Surf With Amigas creates that opportunity. 

This being my third advanced retreat, I can only say its gotten better and better. I am ready and looking forward to the next! The women you meet will become lifelong surf friends. You will be shocked at how much you’ll connect to surfing and want to surf all parts of the world with that same zest for the shared passion + love of being at peace out in the water. 

The feeling of supportiveness and connectedness post-retreat continues… and it’s addicting! So beware that it will crossover to all areas of your life. You won’t regret it and you’ll always send it.


*CO-ED WITH HOLLY BECK // nicaragua

OCT 21-28 & NOV 4-11