Surf Coaching in Costa Rica for All Levels

Learning to turn more radically.

Surf Coaching in Costa Rica

At our Costa Rican location, we offer surf coaching retreats for advanced beginners and intermediate surfers. We define advanced beginners as those that have already stood up in the white wash, can paddle themselves outside, and are ready to start riding green waves. Although we have been flexible with this description, these are the types of surfers that tend to have the best time and are able to take advantage of the amazing waves our Costa Rican location has to offer!

All ages welcome

This particular week we had a mix of levels and ages! We did have one beginner surfer in her 50s who attended the retreat with her friend who was more advanced. After a couple of sessions in the whitewash, she joined us on a boat trip and was catching green waves after only surfing a few times!

We also had a pair of 20 year old graduate students join us, one of whom was working on more complex maneuvers like top turns and nose rides.

13 year old Caroline joined us with her Mom, Liz. The pair have been on several retreats and we’ve seen their surfing improve so much. This trip took them one step further, helping to build their confidence in bigger waves and increase their paddling strength.

Ride the longest wave of your life

At our Costa Rican location, you may just ride the longest waves of your life. These spots go forever if there’s a good swell running. Watch the video for proof! March – June is the best time to get the best chance of a swell big enough to light up the point breaks. We just released our schedule for next season. It’s time to plan your trip!

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