Inspiring Surfers: Advanced Tube Riding Retreat

14 charging amigas + 1 super cool amigo joined us at the Northern Nicaragua retreat location for a week-long shred fest! We had a record breaking week with the most tubes ever ridden, the gnarliest waves ever taken, and the best turns ever completed. This inspiring group of surfers spent the week pushing their limits and supporting each other along the way. We can’t wait to do a retreat like this again!

Enjoy this recap of the Advanced Retreat shred-fest in Nicaragua!

Most of our retreat locations are open to surfers of ALL levels and have plenty of shortboard-able waves close by. If you’re a fellow shortboarder and feel inspired to join a retreat and level up your technique, contact us here to see which retreat might be the best fit for you!

Meet the Owners: Jackie George

They’re the SWA power duo! Surf With Amigas Co-Owners, Jackie George and Holly Beck, have been running ladies surf & yoga retreats together for almost 10 years. Both ladies typically split their time between Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and California- running retreats, surfing, and living the sweet & simple life.

We think you’ll love this Q&A with them. First up is Jackie!

Meet Jackie George

Hometown: San Clemente, California

How did you learn to surf? I grew up at the beach and learned to surf so young that I barely remember learning! I do remember early mornings at San O with my dad and his buddies. I remember the doyle sessions at Junior Lifeguards. I remember my first real surfboard was the Hobie Peter Pan Slug (still love that board). I didn’t really take surfing too seriously until High School, when my girlfriends and I would get dropped off at Trestles and spend long days on the beach. We all loved surfing and pushed each other to get better. To this day, we’re still close friends and love surfing together. 

Favorite board at the moment? My new Christensen log that I scored in a trade. I’ve also been indoctrinated into the twin fin revolution program here in Costa Rica.

What’s playing on the speaker while you gear up for a surf? Cardi B, Yoncé, or some dirty dirty dancehall beats. I’m also always up for praising Jah a bit before a surf.

If you could have one super power, what would it be? Teleportation. Or breathe underwater. Or know every language.

Dawn patrol or sunset session? DP is always more reliable… but when sunset comes together, it doesn’t really get much better.

Jackie- Sliding into Sunset

Name a surfer that inspires you: I’m inspired by the people that can surf any craft in any conditions and have a good time. I’m inspired by the people twice my age that can surf twice as long as me, and I’m inspired by the people that only come out when the waves are properly pumping. I love watching good longboarders ride shorter boards in heavy waves. I’m a sucker for a relaxed style, and anyone that can do a cheater five in the tube. I’m also inspired by ladies that come on the retreat and look at surfing with a fresh perspective. Inspo everywhere!

Favorite quote: “Be here now.”

Stay tuned for the next Q&A with SWA’s other half, Holly Beck!

Small Group Surfing with Amigas in Southern Costa Rica

surf with amigas, learn to surf, surf yoga retreat, party wave, tandem

This highlight video from a week in mid-February seems like a lifetime ago! Long before anyone had even considered the trials the world is currently facing, we were smiling and laughing on longboards in Southern Costa Rica.

We certainly hope that the current global pandemic will ease soon so we can all go back to smiling outside with friends. Until then, enjoy this video!

Surf Retreat Highlights – Southern Costa Rica

Jackie George, surf with amigas, long boarding, shredding, Costa Rica, surf camp, women surf yoga retreat

This highlight video is from a retreat in February. Sunny skies, super blue/green water, boat trips, horseback riding, incredibly long waves. Great food, chocolate making, gorgeous sunsets, guests of all ages and abilities improving their surfing in a supportive environment with awesome new friends.

How To Duck Dive Tutorial Video

holly beck, duck dive, how to, surf with amigas, learn to surf, educational videos

How To Duck Dive Tutorial by the Coaching Staff at Surf With Amigas!

You’re probably spending a lot of time cooped up in your home right now thinking about surfing. Us too! Here in Costa Rica the beaches are officially closed. Enforcement has been spotty, but we’ve been trying to do the right thing and comply for the sake of the common good. We all know that surfing itself is not the problem, but we are doing our best to be respectful to the community and all stay home. Since we can’t give you hands on advice in person right now, we’re going through the files to find some older tutorials to share with you. Here’s the first in the series: How to Duck Dive! We may even make a few new ones! Stay tuned….

This is an older video, but still one of our most popular. Watch as Holly goes over everything you need to know about duck-diving: How to, how not to, and what it looks like underneath a wave.

We hope to be able to offer advice in person soon. Check our schedule page for upcoming retreats. For more super fun videos in the meantime, check out our Youtube channel where there is a ton of footage to get you stoked!

Here’s some behind the scenes info in case you’re interested…

We filmed the pool session in El Salvador about 7 years ago! Look for cameos by Jackie George and one of our past yoga teachers Cyd Gurvich. The underwater ocean footage was captured in the Philippines during the one season we did a couple of travel retreats to that gorgeous location.

If you have any ideas for future videos that you’d like to see addressed, please let us know in the comments on facebook, instagram, or via email!